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Jeremy takes the seven-litre monster that is the Corvette Z06 onto the Top Gear track. And while its no Ferrari, it does manage to set a seriously impressive time when its handed over to the the Stig.

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Jamar Walter says:

Steering wheel on the correct side sir

John Knoxis says:

There are more people complaining about people hating corvettes than there are people hating corvettes.

How fragile is your ego that some people not liking your dream car makes you this upset

123benitezm says:

Government Motors.

DCfreakshow says:

The bumpers are carbon fiber? Really?

Anonymous User says:

Try dentist on the sat nav Jeremy.

greg black says:

Went from a vette to a nc Miata with a aftermarket turbo and I like it much better.

torres3800 says:

One day I will have a "Zed O Six" in my driveway. I'll take mine in black or silver. Love this six gen design. It's the best ever. And that 7.0L LS7. Oh yea 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 ooorrr a blue ZR1 wouldn't be bad either. 😉

MaxSpeed says:

OK that drag race between the gas was badass.

Ronald Whittaker says:

the older clarckson the more tragically English he gets

Bryan Jones says:

Much like the U.S. in general. Not much sophistication, but the brute force is something to be reckoned with. 🙂

Indian Tech Support says:

Steering wheel is on the right side

DillaWorld says:

I hate the fact that jeremy misinterprets the level of balance when you get in a sportscar

if i cant get up to speeds of +120mph im not thinking about the quality of my radio system at that point

Tide Pods says:

Who the hell complains about a corvette being too loud??! That’s like complaining that a console runs video games too good

KingFiend says:

someone just sounds salty they lost a war against some country bumpkins who didnt like paying taxes

Abu Nation says:

2019 now and I still want one badly… they're about $30k now, so much car for the money

FREN - OGY says:

Corvette zr1 is the only good Corvette.

101 owlman says:

Pretty sure we received that engine in our Holden Commodore.

#RideLife says:

Hah.. I am a child. 😂😂😂

Tyler Smith says:

What up with the reflections at 6:15?

Linamar says:


Epic Anthems says:

Jeremy is just a negative british bafoon who hates america

Bullsfan23 gg says:

Haha corvettes "cheap" I wish

oh han qin says:

Is no one going to notice that petrol doesn't actually travel that fast?

Tammy Forbes says:

I love the Vette one of my favorites. It’s like a Crotch Rocket on 4 wheels.

Sox Mate says:

You his have been bought by Nazis.

Fardash Usmani says:

Americans sweetheart the Chevy Corvette it tickles you everywhere you go.

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