Corvette ZR1 0-330 km/h (Motorsport)

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Moteur : V8 Compresseur
Cylindrée : 6 162 cm3
Puissance : 647 chevaux
Couple : 83,4 mkg
Poids : 1 512 kg
Prix : 149 400 euros



Gevor Gevor says:

Там машина, на данграте сидит , не на колёсах

MaploX says:

what a damn beast

BVB09 aa says:

So slow 🙄

Xoşbəxtlik Dünyası says:

Very nice car👍👍👍🙎

АЛЕКСЕЙ Манжура says:

У бля 😱

peacebr0 987 says:

Is this real?

Tyrone Taylor says:

Action movie cop: "Ortega is trying to flee the country, he's heading to the airport."

Partner: "We can beat him if we take the expressway."

Cop: "Asshole killed Carter… no way he's getting away…"

Partner: "You never told me you had a 'Vette."

Cop: "It's my ex wife's."

Kaskade Fatalerror5556 says:

enjoy it @2018

Diana Cota says:

nuk edi a esht evertet

35 GTR says:


Vince Manimtim says:

At 0:33 Its Loud

Mike Secondo says:

Over 320mph??????!!……FAKE!!!

edyocdtt1 says:

Is this on a stock C6 ZR1 ?

Privat Priat says:

That's never stock.. It's unbelievable

JDM CARS says:

0-330 42 second
0.33 tacho is at 0
1.15 tacho is at 330

Selim TR 26 says:


Cristian Blas says:

I bet my Honda could beat that

Luca Montrone says:

OMG 100000000 visual

lolbot says:

as advertised

sufyan ahmed says:

Old but BOMB

Nigiri Sushi mmm says:

wow what a speed I dont want to be in that car at all it is too fast

Διαμαντής Ζιόγκος says:

It's not stock…

I help anytime says:

0-300 km/h in 24 seconds.

Not impressed.

My S1000RR does 0-300 km/h in 16 seconds (14 or 15 with slick tires)

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