Corvette ZR1 SLR McLaren 722 GT – Fast Lane Daily – 20Dec07

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The Corvette ZR1 is shown, look at that sexy SLR McLaren 722 GT, and is Honda, errr, Acura doing something special with the next NSX? Hosted by Ray Wert, Editor-In-Chief of

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Falcdx says:

Slr Mclaren. Nuff said!

Angel Nevarez says:

5 years later, we get the nsx at th detroit auto show

R34GTRR35 says:

@IRONSEAN7 Chevy is rubbish

FullMentalComplex says:

I love listening to lisps. Its so hard to talk normal. derrraaa derr der

druide106 says:

@suedepolo this is why corvette is cheap, low tax in USA and a quality like a korean KIA.

Dude, in Europe the ZR1 cost 140k Euros, count itself how much Dollars for this money, its a bad joke!
POS, because you can't affort it? you doesn't understant the problem, thats sad.

Claudio Cristo says:

Jeremih Clarkson:"I would never buy one of thesee !"
Hamster:"Why nott? is a perfect car , is fast is cheap, is powerfuul, its a good car and i like it!!!"
Jeremih Clarkson:"Yeah right, and its made of plastic ! =]] lool "

McCuck81 says:

@SLOWWS6 wow, u made fun of me for bein poor.. thats so funny, and original considering i made fun of myself first for bein poor. my comment has 17 thumbs up, aparently being rich dont make you smart… hey, its ok to love foreign cars, im the first to admit when sumone makes a world dominating car,i love lambos and Ferraris, ill never own one cuz im poor, HAHA, thanx 4 remindin me, but shit, chevy is makin a car 1/3d the cost of the worlds 2nd best.. cmon, grow up, calln me poor was lame.

noplay4u says:

hay RAY…why are you missing some TEETH????? and why do you hide your LISP??? u hittin the PIPE AGAIN??? I THINK SO….

freddyXDyeah says:

@2girls1freak zr1 is shit itself.

paladain55 says:

its really not hard. strap on a hydrogen cell and you can get atleast an extra 35%+ for like 250 bucks. or go a custom route like me and double ur mileage… soon to come

druide106 says:

@2girls1freak yeah, this is why GM sell Corvettes nearly only in USA, but the whole world loves and buy Mercedes….

No guy buy american junk dude!!!!

brad cool says:

@druide106 style? all mercedes look the same. typical german junk. corvette looks much better.

druide106 says:

@2girls1freak but it can't shit quality and style !

Resnorth says:

Both are awesome but ZR1 is NOT competitor to any SLR. Got it?

clevername333 says:

LS9 looks like it has a ghetto body kit on it. Come on America… this is just pathetic.

On a positive note, this was the least douchy Fast Lane Daily Ever.

viperrecordbreaker says:

@2girls1freak even the mercedes benz clk gtr ss? yea right

hartiserver says:

mercedes = best ever

Jim Jeem James says:

@IRONSEAN7 ….you are the biggest idiot ever… it shows that you are poor with poor use of words.

Trema13 says:


g00dl00kinb0i says:

722 is great, but honestly I'd rather buy a house wit that money and get a ZR-1 wit that.
ZR-1 is impossible – 100K and U'r the king on any road anywhere, anytime.
British idiots like J.Clarkson laugh at the ZR-1 for "being cheap" (plastic rear end).
Truth be told,even Lamborghini used plastics on Diablo GTR, or Gallardo LP570 Superleggera, simply to reduce weight.
Why pay more for Italian or rather German plastic, when U can go American and have the time of Your life?

Giorgio Gallucci says:

great. a car with lots of horsepower that doesnt weigh much. And….. i still don't want one

bmiha says:

@2girls1freak mercedes > american cars

cafta says:

@2girls1freak LOL you cant compare Merc witch is the other word for class with that recycled plastic,redneck piece of shit!

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