Corvette ZR1 vs Audi R8 | Now in Full HD | Top Gear | Series 14 | BBC

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Jeremy Clarkson reviews the Audi R8, with it’s 5.2 litre Lamborghini V10, 518 break horse power and capable of 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds, it’s a bit of a beast. But it’s let down by the little things, like the £100,000 price tag. Up next is the Corvette ZR1. Jeremy drove one in California and loved it! But was it just a holiday romance?

First uploaded in standard definition in April 2010

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TWOsackMCGEE says:

The only reason us Americans are a little upset about this episode is because the bbc and top gear are very biased when it comes to American cars vs European cars. They hate the American car before they even drive it. If you go back to when Jeremy drove the ZR1 in america he loved it.

W.Q says:

The man who fired him should be fired

Kawasaki Yamamoto says:

Mr clarkson i love your honesty dat u saying about engineering n design price n all of dat, I’m a American guy, but i respect people 4 what they do especially when it comes to build a race car, German car engineering is #1 for me, cuz I calculate everything, like fuel consumption horsepower design n comfort, corvette can challenge only toyota corolla or similar something, but no no staying even next to Audi man, Audi is the car dat everyone can afford n enjoy real sports n decent design for acceptable price, again corvette has nothing to challenge German cars.

HamzaKingScott Mahmood says:

The last good looking Audi

Alex 10,000 says:

These old fat white men always make my day.

AHellReign says:

Yeah but ur corvette will spin out break more often and if u get into a bad crash lose everything

Jose Rodriguez says:

Nice to know America still builds rockets.

Why do you want my name says:

Clakston tries so hard to pretend he doesn’t like Corvettes

Name101 says:

gotta admit the directors and editors and brilliant

Leo Qu says:

Creative writing in a YouTube car-related video, what are you, mad?!

Npc #57335899 says:

Who's here after Corvette c8 released

nkosi collier says:

Did he have to lick the steering? 😛😜

Radiologist's Creed says:

No grapes were harmed in the making of this film…

Toma Bembea says:

Does anyone know the name of the piece that starts at 4:08?

tlt40s&w 70 says:

The man actually loves the vette

Michael Teeple says:

Jeremy likes the vette he just cant say it.

Thijs says:

Jeremy Clarkson licking a steering wheel just made my day

Nico Garbella says:

Jeremy is such a clown

Ovilia Guilmette says:

The top of Scarlett Johansson's mouth,what could beat that , nothing!

Obsidian blade 66 says:

Eh, I'd still prefer the R8

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