CSR Racing 2 | Season #83 Max Tunes: Zenvo TSR-s is a Monster! Fastest Tier 3 + Stage 5 Tune!

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1:19 → Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato
3:17 → BMW Z4 m40i (Max tune)
5:08 → BMW Z4 m40i (Stage 5 tune)
6:10 → Zenvo TS1 GT
7:44 → Zenvo TSR-s
9:52 → DAMD Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII

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Music provided by Rujay.
Instrumental: “Fast Lane” by RB Keys.
Channel: https://YouTube.com/user/RujayTV.


Retucaca says:

subscribed! thank you so much for still making csr2 videos. I've been struggling to find a csr YouTuber I enjoyed watching.

Talal Nader says:

I have the bmw

Cheezus Christ says:

How many cars do you need for
Tempest? Recently unlocked it and have no clue on what to do

Thomas Bolton says:

Another great video…thx Mille

Bass Master says:

Im having a hard time on the evolution cup race #8 i have all stage 6 parts and 112 fusion parts out of 128 zenvo ts1 i can only get it to do 317 mph and need to get it to do 325 mph any tips would be appreciated

Darius Owens says:

All I want is gt500 and Supra but they keep giving me tier 5 cars I don’t want

paddy nemi says:

Zynga sucks. You Spend Money for keys and you get nothing back. I Open so much Boxes and only Green Fusion parts. I want my Money back.

big boiii says:

Can i join ur clan?

zafert85 says:

3:40 , the M40i has the B58 an i thinbk the B58 is single turbo charged

Fortnite op!! says:

I love how you say the tsr-s is a free to get car when we all know that it isn’t true lol. You have to have your car pretty much maxed out to do the the last race

Dane Balingit says:

For me. The mclaren f1 was the fastest car!

A a A a says:

We can't get the s6 for TSR-S .. Stupid game

Raymundo Johnson3 says:

800KM/H Fuck You Man Why Did You Figured You Fucking Dickhead

Zero to hero says:

What is the tune for the TS1 GT to pass the speedtrap on race 12? I have 42/42 and 121/128 fusions.

Jakub Pulman says:

How did you manage to get your hands on the EVO?

Hugomao88 says:

I wanna see that porsche vs that evo 4. Be a close race if someone manages get 9.9 seconds.

Wimpz says:

I was happy with my Zenvo doing 8.4. Then I started the Evo Cup and it starts at 8.2!! So now I’m at 7.8, just watched this video…..NOW I WANT IT MAXED!!!! Damnit I hate this game

Dario Camacho says:

So I can see a 7.820 great job as always with all your videos bro👊 find me anytime in 8.2 lobby my in game name is Bullet🔁LONG🔃SWAP for CSR2 I'm always down to swap till we CAP. I've got a super fast phone so super fast long and consistent swaps are what I'm all about

Dario Camacho says:

I played it back at .25 speed and it showed you got 7.833

OXCIDE says:

I will never own the tsr since i cant even beat the golden cup with 3 or 4 missing s6 parts

Gamers Life says:

Guys am i the only one who cannot chat with my crew, see crew stats, or even collect crew cup rewards ?

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