CSR Racing 2 Zenvo TSR-S Maxed Tune/Pattern 7.17x

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Ivan Ristic says:

they forgot to put him wings so he can fly at that speed lol

GH05T_ says:

i always use nirrous as soon as i hit 3rd gear i need to get out of that habit

Koliz Ramos says:

me too why not get level 6 all?

Iber Alex says:

How do you get this cars parts?

Sergio Garcia says:

Thanks for the videos.

Damiana Del Bagno says:

Adrenal888 I follow your videos forever, and you have been a great help. But how is it just a select few have stage 6 parts for this car? It's always the same people too

A.O.E. 0203 says:

496 mph 😱


Gostei muitu obrigado,achei top.


So that means this will be the fastest car in the game

Ma Leu says:

Well done. 👍
Bur where did you get s6 parts from? For me it only shows for ts1 gt. Still after finishing evo cup.

Victor Cortez says:

Ya lo tengo Y si es potente para correr correr rápido

Average joe says:

Wow, nice new pfp man!

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