CSR2 Zenvo TS1 GT Milestone Stage 6 Effects

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I give you a review of the stage 6 effects of the milestone TS1 GT. This is a good car with good performance, but to hit the final range of 7.8 or better times, you will need all the fusions and stage 6s.

Stage 6 effects order are:

1. Transmission
2. Nitrous by a little over Body
3. Body
4. Tire by a little over Engine
5. Engine
6. Turbo or Intake
7. Intake or Turbo

Overall I really think this is a good car and it is easy to drive. Good luck in the golden and evolution cups!


D Martel says:

42/42 121/128 fully fusioned on tires, engine, nitrous, body and tires and can not get under a consistent 7.85. Stuck on race 13 for 200 gold. wth?

Christian Berg says:

Hi! NM changed the evo cup while it was open to play. On race 7 the speed trap was set to 511 km/h. I was stuck there for a while and then I finally got a fusion part I could use from the crates. When I then went back to do the race the same speed trap was now set at 523 km/h. Do they change the races depending on how upgraded your car is or what?

SSRGOKU Zamusa says:

thanks just need the stage 6 motor

Dark Lightning Müller's says:

650s no stage 6 or Berlinetta transmission 6s against Shax Agera? Pls I need to know

Bernard Herman says:

I’m running the ego cup right now. The evo is a 1/4 mile run. I’ve got the purple 5 star and I’m at 42/42 and 127/135. You have helped a little so thanks

Sienna Wylde says:

Great video! The milestone TS1 GT seems to respond much better to tuning than the Slepnir version imo. I bought the Slepnir when it was offered in the flash event, but now I'm building a regular TS1 GT to take advantage of the info in this video.

Daniel Rodic says:

TS1 GT for tempest 3 tier 5? Is it good?

jsullivan10 says:

Nice work and video Max, as always!

Joe Newman says:

Excellent video, need a few more fusions and 1s6, engine.

HK Leon says:

i just hoped the anniversary edition was available for purchase

Lobo Matute13 says:

mi ts1 gt alcanza los 444 k/m y hace 7.655 en 1/2 m

Viox Modz says:

I support what your doing but I just completed the event in 20 mins of release of event

okcguy 427 says:

I can't get past the very last one the cars run mid 8's

OXCIDE says:

I need to beat 8.533 in golden cup

OXCIDE says:

Best time with those s6 is 8.966

OXCIDE says:

I need to fine tune because im running 9.0x

OXCIDE says:

I only have engine trans intake and body need the rest and loads of fusions

matt forrester says:

I'm stuck at the 325mph speedtrap in the evo cup, 16 epic fusion missing from maxing it, so maybe a struggle, runs 7.9

iYama says:

Max em out MAX. Great video and as always thank you for feeding the mind. You the man.

Drew Andrew says:

Hi Max and thanks for the video, I have the Slepnir 10th anniversary version which runs in the event ok but seems like a different car to the one you have. With 5 stage 6's (no nitrous or tyres) and 85 fusions my best time is 9.2 and the tune is way different too, nitrous 240, 2.0, drive 2.07, tyres 57 43, it could be the missing fusions but I don't think I'm going to win this one !

Orine Boyd says:

I have the Purple version with all S6 but missing a lot of fusions 🤕

L's says:

How much money does it cost to full stage5 it?

William Miller says:

Hell yeah been waiting on this video all week I love these videos so much even tho I’ve got most of these cars maxed

IM GROOT says:

Maximus Maximilian my man Max, my brother from another mother, but nonetheless my brother, gog this car in my other account but you know what NM did to that 1. Thank gdness these 2 seasons the PC cup has been small 2 -3 ☆ cars. Which is nice. And the Bmw thats new is sweet🖖🏼👌🏼💪🏼

gamerbomb365 says:

I want this car, i barely missed it

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