Daniel Ricciardo & Martin Brundle meet #NewVantage | Aston Martin

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Daniel Ricciardo interrupts Martin Brundle’s drive of the new Vantage – see how they get on.

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Winny Funny says:

I like old aston….. DBS 2007-12

김정수 says:

a Mercedes AMG engine in a Mercedes is Great! but on a 'MUCH" Higher than Mercedes level cars live Aston Martin..putting a Mercedes engine in a Aston in like putting a highly tuned Hyundai or Kia engine in a Mercedes AMG…Mercedes has really done great and moved a step further from the original German Big 3 rivals and almost climbing to the higher and greater Porsche level…but that V8 turbo Benz engine in a Aston really seems like an irony…well at least better a Amg engine than any other crappy engine outsource though…off with the engine..and now with the front facia…another disaster…

Andy Thai says:

Just want him in a Mercedes…

Alp Kaya says:

Mazda Vantage

John Lem says:

Everything about the car is perelfeft… Except for the front. It's like when you see a hot girl at the club and all you can see is her nice body and then she turns around…

wuy not says:

I'm the only one that love this car ?

Matthew K Bryson says:

It’s the prettiest car I’ve ever seen.

Antonio Navarro says:

DANIEL RICCIARDO, MATIN BRUNDLE, … SEI CARDAT!!..  perche io non pago un euro per gardarvi con un Aston Martin!!…

Harvard Ford says:

wtf did you guiys do with the fucking face…. why gawd why… but everything else is sexy

Stoop Solo says:

Want. So very, very much want.

Aaron Smith says:

Everyone comparing this to a Miata needs to chill… the scale, proportions and sculpting of this car put it in a super car category… park this car next to a Miata , do a walk around in person, then stfu.

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