Devel Sixteen 5007 HP – WORLD FASTEST CAR ? Top Speed 350 MPH

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Devel Sixteen V16 5007 HP – FASTEST CAR In The WORLD – World Fastest Supercar/Hypercar. From Dubai, Faster than Koenigsegg Agera RS, Bugatti Chiron, Hennessy Venom F5, or any Other Supercars in the World

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Comments Car & Performance says:

What about this BEAST !!!??? Devel Sixteen 5007 HP – WORLD FASTEST CAR – Top Speed 350 MPH test drive

Todd Pierson says:

All talk, this is the car world's version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Carlos V says:

I'm gonna be honest not that impressed, if the top speed is near 350mph then Imagine Bugatti making a 5000hp vehicle it would exceed 350mph and the chiron right now 1500hp and top speed 302mph. The Devel sixteen has ALOT to prove before anyone considers this a game changer.

OrcaStrike77 says:

dEvEl 2020 350 mIlEs PeR hOuR

Ros The Killer says:

Nol top speed 560kmp and nol5007hp

Equinox show says:

When will they race it can be official ….😒😒😒😒😒🤔🤔

Huzaifa Khan says:

I think that Dynamo metre is drunk

Gamer man Punes says:

Holy moly 😱

Keane Muffin99 says:

Sorry Jesko and Chiron

Listen Truth says:

Prove it enough bs talk

secret_darkzz z says:

0:55 lmao I was watching the same video of the launch it turns out someone turned up the speed of the video xDD

Ohraider says:

This and the Apollo IE are some of the sexiest cars I know of.

Masa Ar says:

Why is not in street?

Mohamed Ali says:

YAWNS wow this car will hit 400mph

Alex Shaykevich says:

Hahaha. Anyone who believes this is dumb.

bunny hop says:

Gur nggedabruss. Hahaha

PiGiKiNg says:

The car is fake, literally anyone can fake dyno numbers And also, if you have at least 5 IQ you can see that 0:53 Is sped up…

Richie says:

I know this car is completely fake but still very interesting

arxate a77 says:

I have a Ford Focus with 6000 hp and it goes 400mph but I lost the video

Motunrayo Omolewa says:

People are saying the that it fake

Mr Chats says:

Show in real ..on track ..not spread fake videos

Franci Bautista says:

Atolmaltin bulcan…ese sii

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