Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat vs F16 Fighter Jet: Road & Track on /DRIVE

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Alex Roy and Road & Track Editor-in-Chief Larry Webster Race a Dodge Challenger Hellcat against an F16 fighter jet at Homestead Air Force Base. It’s not a fair fight with the rain, but why would we still not try when given the opportunity.


Mr.Cruger 13 says:

For a one moment i think Alex Roy it' s Adam Ferrara in the video

Crown Heights says:

And after a jet drops is bombs it's going to blow away on its own if it's going 500 miles per hour with 3000 pound bombs

Crown Heights says:

A jet car only does 225 max so why would speed change after lift? If u run and then jump does speeds change? That jet was doing 180mph…u haven't created 500 mph nobody would fly it

Crown Heights says:

If a plane takes off at 130 mph I think that jet took off at 180 I don't think it was 500mph bullets can't even go 500 miles per hour…a bullet could pass those

Crown Heights says:

That's a lie it was doing 180 at take off not 500mph we all seen it take off

asem al balawe says:

this is not a real race

Burdon 3452 says:

Redo this with the 2018

Marito507 says:

Todavía no ví un puto video de auto vs avión bien hecho.

Marito507 says:


SRT- Mustang Killer says:

I’d like to see this one again… when the runway is DRY!

Vortex Gaming says:

Not even a hellcat no badge

treester 999 says:

The challenger should've been in destroyer grey^^

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