Dodge Charger Hellcat takes on Mercedes AMG GT & Porsches on Nurburgring!

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Second lap for my driving instructor friend in my Hellcat. He shaved another 30 seconds off his previous lap. Had a Porsche 911 Turbo (we think) to chase around the ‘Ring. Was a brutal ride!

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Ayo Cobretti says:

Balls of Steel 👌🏽💪🏽

LunarEclipseVI says:

Was he like drifting around those corners?

Sky1 says:

Too bad you had three people in the car with you

Moha Ch says:

U drive like ma grandma 😪😪

Sean O'Keefe says:

Utube ruf yellow bird ctr nurburgring

Aaron Rangel says:

Does the speedometer read KPH or MPH?


oh the might Mopar!!!!!!


Did he hit 200mph in a srt

Pharron Rhodes says:

Hell of a driver. I saw this same cat in another video in the passenger seat giving instruction to a driver. was awesome just as this one.

Los Angeles Print and Design says:

Impressive driving skills. 💪🏽

Marcus Hammer says:

Driver sounds like he's US military in Germany

HookedonFishing517 says:

1:48 you’re welcome

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