Dodge Demon vs. SRT Hellcat | 1/2 Mile Drag Race // Is the 840HP Challenger Worth The Price?

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The Dodge Demon is an 840HP monster that eats asphalt for breakfast. It holds the record for fastest production car in the quarter mile. But how much faster is it than its little brother, the 707HP Hellcat in a half mile drag race?

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Legal disclaimer: This video is a cinematic recreation to provide factual information and entertainment. All local speed and traffic laws were obeyed during the filming and production of this video. Any display of speed or racing was either performed at a local race track, on a closed course, or reenacted legally for the purposes of filming the episode.

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GVO Tommy 31 says:

This vid makes my dick hard

Donald Elley says:

Go for the Demon any day

Alberto Rivera says:

Hellcat el mejor

Emmanuel Bravo says:

Dramatic af lol

Hemi Dave says:

Demon is worth the extra coin….and my loaded Demon cost less than a loaded Red Eye….

Ricardo Correa says:

Nice video!

Pharoah Monk says:

Obvious closer comparison would be Demon to Redeye in a 1/2 mile run…

Ben Jake says:

I’d go with Redeye personally.
Can’t justify the extra cost of the Demon unless going for more exclusivity.
Was the Demon in this test running the factory race gas tune?

Rodas Rollins says:

Ford mustang boss and ford shelby mustang are next to be judge which of them are faster

7DNZ9 SSKR says:

American cars can only drive straight ahead. This fucking us cars fly out of the way if you try to drive a curve like a BMW o Porsche

Chris Bro says:

Its eather asains drive like Tokyo drift or cant freaken make a left turn in a intersection

Woke says:

Should have drove the Hellcat red eye. It’s faster than the regular Hellcat

Maxwell Outdoor Services says:

It's common sense of course it is

Armando Montezuma says:

Demon because of it’s long term value

J. Cope says:

To each his own. With that kind of money I'm buying neither. Handling means quite a bit to me personally. A nice 460+ hp car with excellent handling and I'm just fine. Life is good!

FlyByN1te says:

It's unfortunate that these don't come in traditional manual

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