Don't Buy a Wrecked Tesla Roadster!

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Should we buy a First Gen Roadster? You can use my referral code to get 1,000 miles of free Supercharging on a new Tesla:

This car is so tiny but cool looking, I’m super excited to look for them and hopefully find one that we can actually own.

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gohar ashraf says:

Tesla referral, You get 2000 miles (not 1000). free supercharging. Orders of a new vehicle must be delivered before October 1, 2019, to qualify. If you get delivery at later date then you get 1000 miles free supercharging. Thanks.


I love electric car. 😍 salam go green from indonesia 😀

Je Al says:

Perry! Perry the platypus! Perry! Agent P!

Edit oops. wrong vid

tomfreed says:

That first gen. Tesla is not truly 100% Tesla made from the ground up. The body is from Lotus car in England. Basically a Lotus body with Tesla battery and motor. True Tesla such as S, 3 and X and ???? are truly build from the ground up. Nevertheless that is tempting to buy a used Tesla and I am thinking about a used Tesla uncertain of which model yet.

I know how fix lithium battery. I build them for my electric bike already and with a background in Electronic Engineer these electric cars are a breeze for me to mess with whether repair, upgrade or figure out how the whole things work. Electric car is quite simple really in contrary to the i.c.e counterpart.

Johann D'souza says:

This car tesla is very strange

AMMAD Rashid says:

I was born in 2010

youlasty says:

Thanks I was just gonna buy a wrecked roadster

Painful 822 says:

Dings until I close the door: 100000000000000000000000000000000000

TuckerB3 says:

The rich family

Jamie Wright says:

Overpriced golfcart

Flaming Dragon says:

When your in Atlanta Georgia when you watch this


Lamboscert1 Lamborgini says:

I love in Georgia

Maahir Tyagi says:

I love this you tuber the roadster is the fastest electric car their so long bugatti 😂

Charlie Fantrazzo says:

Thought you were gonna cut it in half lol

Sandy says:

46 miles range when brand new, as tested and independently confirmed by Top Gear. Tesla sued and was ridiculed by the judge, admonished and financially crucified. Then the Roadster owners sued Tesla and won, after 100% of Roadster batteries died in 3-4 years. Tesla was forced to replace all the batteries ar cost, which they did "free" for just $29,000. Most people scrapped the cars instead.

Sandy says:

Free imaginary cars for everyone!!

Shadowz says:

When he said next gen I was like

Your not saying you got the fastest car then I read 1st gen

The NerdGaming_Offical says:

2:44 *ASMR* Starts

TheFlashing LightYT says:

Dont buy The 2010 tesla roadster i does not look good

dragade101 says:

I think you learn to buy 3 roadsters and now you have some spare parts to boot.

I’mjustkidding Agin says:

Hey I live in Georgia Atlanta

Daniel Johnson says:

Looks nasty

Aaron Thomas says:

How'd you enjoy our horrific traffic in Atlanta?

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