Drag Race: McLaren Senna vs. 720S | Nico Rosberg | Vlog

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McLaren Senna vs. McLaren 720S – ultimate Drag Race and Hot Laps!! I took some time during my holiday to push these two beasts to the limit on a race track in Dubai.

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Incredible downforce in the #Senna and also the #720S surprised me with a strong braking performance! First time driving the Senna on a proper race track and it really feels like being in a race car instead of a road car – massive power! However, it took me two runs to beat the 720S in the #DragRace. Check it out why…;-)

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Nico Rosberg says:

Massive power of the McLaren Senna on the race track – and also the 720S was insane! What cars should I get on a race track next?? Subscribe, so you don’t miss it: https://www.youtube.com/user/nicorosbergtv?sub_confirmation=1

Matt Rainey says:

That drag race didn't prove anything the 720S had a botched start in the second race.

Maurice Jones says:

Loved you as a driver. This is an awesome platform for you! This shows hownyou are a real person just with a special gift.

You got beat by the 720S at first but and showed and could reach thr door and showed it. This is what reality television should be real.

Love the show!!

Va B says:

Why drive there? Both cars are 60-70hp down with the heat

Coffee Brew says:

+Nico I'm thinking the Viper ACR V has the most NM of DF on a road car. 813NM

Zeid Sonbola says:

"I got him this time" no crap dude,so u didn't jump start by half a second,right???

Lil Hype Dude says:

My friends dad has both of those but I prefer the Senna

Philip Knight says:

They are on different tires. Based on the final times seems to me that the 720s is only marginally behind the Senna. Yet Senna is what, 4 times the price?

Bora Karaman says:

Agera RS has 1 ton of downforce.

James Crain says:

Well this still doesn’t tell
Us which one is faster in a straight line


What a life… damn

J Coleman シ says:

the windows open on the 720 WINNER

J Coleman シ says:

l would have replaced a lot of that black with more orange on the livery

의수네 자동차 CarRacer KimEuiSoo says:

OMG!!! 2:29

Visual Houdini says:

we love you Nico 💛❤💜

Zaheer Kader says:

Looks like you could beat shmees nurburgring senna lap record if you practiced a little harder… Keep at it😜👍🏿

almi726 says:

A failed publicity stunt by McLaren to try to justify the Senna's half million + dollar price tag! 720S still a beast though!

Priyansh Vyas says:

Nico, I'm not gonna lie , but you were one of the main reasons I started watching Formula 1. With Vettel , Bottas and Verstappen fighting Lewis and everyone losing all the time , I can't help but think that you should come back. Formula1 needs you.

Lap of the World says:

Will someone please compare these two on the same tire? 4 seconds is a lot of time over a lap, but some margin of that is in the tires. I expect the Senna would still be quicker, but suspect it might be closer than the price difference.

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