Drag Racing 11.158 TUNE level 9 1/2 SSC Ultimate Aero

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gl1nka95 says:

you can beat him with the novitec rosso but you need to tune it first !

Tomer Tsur says:

the car wont be faster with higher upgrades with the tune?

Logan Dawgydogg says:

Hey do you you have a 1 mile tune for this car that will beat the level 9 boss?

Eddie Mayhem says:

careful Scooter, don't hurt yourself there

wizguy104 says:

i played you b4! ;D i whipped yo ass lol my level 7 carrerea maxed out tuned out my name was tuned by a pro now its u wanna lose now im at level 8 beat it now i need to find a car for level 9 aero gonna be my choice

krishna panchal says:

Shit upgrades dont waste ur cash do upgrades 2-5-2-4-5-5

kimi592 says:

can someone help me with a boss level 9 its a ferrari and the race its for 1 mile plz 🙁

RedzeN says:

can u upload all car tune for the 1/2mile….thank u

RedzeN says:

is this da best for the ssc ultimate aero tune???…

ThePunisherFtw says:

Dude one day i challenge your ss ultimate aero and your car and my car we used nitrous at the same time and your car got ahead of me then i.started to catch you up with my ss ultimate aero but you got 11.132 and i got 11.158

Dragonarm24 says:

thank you for posting this, it helped alot.
nice vid
first try got 11.158

DragRacingProTunes says:

this will work for iphone

DragRacingProTunes says:

@barmilopez100 we have a level 7 aston 1 mile tune if that is what you are looking for. check out the career tunes playlist. link in video description

barmi sanchez says:

Thanks man all my cars are tuned after you your the best tunner there is but can you tell me with what car can I pass part 7 of career I'm against Aston Martin and I can't beet him so please make a video of that.

KerzMusic1 says:

Can you make a video for ssc aero lvl 9 with the best upgrade and tune for 1,2 mile ? 🙂 Thanks

johny loca says:

@reimon66 for level 5 aston martin is the best but bmw m6 is good to.

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