Everything Wrong With My $11,000 Bentley Continental GT

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Here’s everything wrong with my super cheap Bentley Continental GT. Spoiler alert: It’s a LOT.

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Tavarish says:

At 13:55, I mispelled "Electronics". I am deeply sorry to everyone I have offended. I'm going to sit in the corner and look at a picture of me winning my 3rd grade spelling bee and wonder where in life I went wrong.

Brandon Burr says:

Attention folks that work on cars or have any knowledge of fixing cars. Don't use this as a means for learning to fix your vehicle. Especially if you have a early 2000 Bentley 😀

MrRemmington says:

If you have the connections go for it you’ll have fun learning all about the car. Hope your second ride is Lexus, you can use it when you need to get your parts. My Mercedes, brand new, troubled as the Bentley. Still hanging onto my 01 LS 430. Seems to be getting kooler all the time. And a 2010 LS 460 L awd. Maxed, planing on a 1980 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham De Elegance’s to play with down the road. Personally i’d be looking for an Arnage or Red label too cool. I understand the appeal of the continental too but it’s a German and unreliable you will have fun learning and working on it best of luck

carolinamama84rr says:

why not just jump the electric system from under the hood and pop the trunk? i did that on a bmw. made more sense then taking out the back seat. ???

Hansli Peterli says:

Thats not even worth 11k. Oh look ah Bentley, are you a 12year old trying to get your lil Willy wet? Its old and POS.

Chrysler 300M says:

why are you replacing the engine, because it has a vacuum leak? i dont get it seriously. Based on these codes maybe a bad boost sensor and vacuum leak thats it. fix the codes first before getting an engine.

Chrysler 300M says:

it says do not exceed 40 psi while mounting tire to rim. Are you a mechanic?

eric amolo12 says:

Rebuild the engine

IDK , says:

how can you fuck up that kind of car

Thanos Thanos says:

that bently would look really good if the top color is a very dark green and below it is just black

Schattenheim says:

Hmmm 2014 ? How can this car be so bad at this short time ?



C.S.R. B. says:

What asshole trashed a Bentley?

SYLperc says:

Loose panels on a car owned by the mafia.. i wonder what they stored in there..

Truth seeker says:

No supercar depreciats more then a Bentley, thats a fact.

b0zay says:

the mobster who owned this car wakes up eats cereal and watches this video

Jeffrey Tremethick says:

Regulator is fine, you need the plastic clip that attaches to the window. There made to break instead of the regulator motor. Cool car though 👍

Aussie Pom says:

Hundreds of thousands of dollars new for what is in reality just a hunk of junk. It's a fashion accessory not a practical car. Many fall into the trap of buying what appears on the surface to be a great buy. But the spare parts unlike the car never depreciate. They're still at the more money than sense price tag. To save money on that car the best thing to do is paint it a sensible colour and put a plant in it.

Fredd Gregg says:

I will buy one in 2020
In London

Fredd Gregg says:

How much ?
Cheap as a Jaguar

Mike Johnson says:

Nope, no, no, nope. Not ever, no. Just threw away 11 grand.

Mike Johnson says:

Thought a Bentley would be constructed to last.

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