Exclusive Access To The World’s Best Cars With British GQ – Aston Martin Nebula, F12 TDF

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An exclusive look behind the scenes at the GQ Car Awards where I’m pretty sure it was the first time ever a Ferrari F12 TDF and a Porsche 911R were lined up along side the Aston Martin Nebula hypercar…

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Luka Arko says:

This Aston, what an abomination! wtf?

Pepe Le Pew says:

I wouldn't mind having the Nebula with a crap engine. That design is bloody amazing.

Slashley gibbins says:

I have a question – do you need special permission to use these tracks over your videos? Thanks

Allen Joshua Valentine says:

Can someone name the music in the start of video pls

Icehockeyfanuk15 Gazza says:

I can't believe Ferrari wouldn't let you drive that gorgeous F12.

r8malooman says:

James what's the name of the music that opens this video?

Luv Jaiswal says:

Start recording in 4k! ??

Running on Petrol says:

The nebula is renamed the Valkyrie. It's insane. The production version is something I've never seen work on a car, yet it's a genuine car.

da d says:


Janusha says:

The normal F12 Berlinetta, the F12 TDF and the 812 Superfast are all ugly from behind.

Aditya Amraotkar says:

And btw, now its called the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

Aditya Amraotkar says:

TDF is "tour de france" right?

ram07ish says:

I saw the vulcan concept in person, and its breathtaking.

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