EXTREME Nordschleife battle GT2 RS VS Huracan Performante

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Ok first of all i must say (especially dedicated to haters, high driving professor who got 13 years old or more and who only gone here by playstation or then couple of laps in their life 10 years ago)
that this battle on the Nurburgring Touristenfarthen was very very agressive and YES we clearly took some risk.
This was our choice and totally allowed here, anyway we know each other and respected all the other car we overtook, like no head light flashing or right overtaking .
Also important to notice that on that day moyorcycle was not allowed on track.

ANYWAY we made one overtaking on the right at Aremberg (at 2min04 on the video) because that car has an oil licking and he keeped the left to be out of the trajectory of the liquid, as you see the Lambo slided a little bit and for me i keeped the line totally on the right to be safe, that was so an emergency case.
Please Always drive here in the limit of your driving style and ability also if you do ALWAYS have harness and or maximum of security element and a well checked car to be sure about the safety..
My passenger did not wanted an helmet, that was his choice also and driving with out are allowed here.

Here is spec of the day and car:

Nurburgring Touristenfarthen, 26°c exterior temp, track at 45°c
No wind

Driver me: 97kgs
Passenger: 70kgs
Fuel tank Full (90liters)
Camber setup by manthey racing for nordschleife
Brembo steel disc with pads Endless MA45B front and Manthey racing on rear
Brembo HTC 64 brake liquid
Stock engine
Stock suspension
Water spray system empty (make me loose around 40 horse power, but with that kind of lap with Huge traffic it’s not make a huge difference)
Tire Michelin cup 2r with 36 laps on ring and around 100kms on Nurburgring GP track + 700 kms of road to come with

Lambo Performante:
Driver 104kgs
Fuel tank full 74liters
Pirelli Trofeo R tire: used at 60%
Brake pads
Special camber setup




GHOST says:

Only major problem I'm seeing Is how your balls fit inside the car

SnoepoX says:

Waaaaay too slow for track days!

Shuai WZ says:

Where is the passengers helmet? Lol!

ecotts says:

Id take the GT2RS thanks.

Sahil Agrawal says:

"Garage queen, well kept, never tracked"

PissMyAss Lynch says:

You almost crashed over there. Not a good idea to overtake the traffics so aggressively especially on a public day.

MrLeeson660 says:

That guy in the lambo can drive. real nice work

Ghett Away says:

Lamborghini breaks are serious! No wonder they’re always getting rammed in the back

Mr Cut Folks says:

Great driving as usual !!!

Joseph David says:

You pair especially the lambo driver are an accident waiting to happen. Make sure you upload the video when it happens. Also, the lambo driver can barely drive the thing. Muppet with money. Far to aggressive for a tourist day, you pair should be literally banned from tourist days.

biosbank1 says:

Fast.. but a bit too out of control at many parts. Very lucky not to hit the back of the Lambo at one point.

Gumpy 49 says:

You’ve made videos on how to stay safe on tourist days and yet do nothing that you tell other people to do, no need to race flat out on a tourist day no matter how good the lap was.

Frank Burdo says:

Where was the battle? I must of missed it. You just got smoked the whole time in a car that is lighter and has more hp and should never be beaten.

Casey Johnson says:

Brakes who needs brakes 😲

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