F-150 vs GT350 Street Race | Venom 775 by Hennessey Performance

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How does Hennessey’s Venom 775, a fully customized, supercharged Ford F-150, perform alongside a stock Mustang GT350? We visited the Pennzoil Proving Grounds to find out.

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backlin devassy says:

That F-150 is hot but listening to the sound of the mustang that rider was poor

Kanak Agarwal says:

Truck cheated

jesus queriapa says:

Aww I remember driving a mustang like that when I was 10years old learning to shift manuals .. 😂

Jlove says:

Should’ve done rolling race

Jlove says:

You hear how dang bad those shifts were smh

Curt Main says:

Both times the truck had a head start. Put them on a prepped drag strip & use the tree.

Regispoa says:

Queria ver essa F150 vs Up Tsi stage 4.

Raymundo Rubio says:

f150 would eat the trackhawk

Mike Hughes says:

Should be running against a GT500 instead.

paty H says:

Guy: Texas is not where you want to race a pickup truck
Takuaches in mexico: are u sure about that cuh?

Kane Wolf says:

mustang driver ba a a a a a d

Swagger says:

The mustang guy don’t know how to drive stick

Danny Dorsey says:

Dude like yea acceleration of course the pick up 4×4 first start it’s gonna beat it, that thing is for climbing mountains but the mustang in the long run takes it away, keep the truck going for a while and you’ll have the mustang reaching its ass

Eustakleo says:

Si que a cuh?

lusaul ortega says:

Con la jeep vs esta cuando?

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