Fastest Recorded Top Speed of the Bugatti Chiron

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Galapagos Galaxy says:

OMG, I live in Idaho, nothing excited happens

Saber Saleh says:

How many mph did he do? Ik that that guy went 209 but what about dis dude

Ad Sims says:

I use to live in Ketchum and Hailey Idaho! Beautiful

Petr Škrabal says:

Man i dont get how people can afford cars like Buggatti Veyron

Meylin Horta says:

Ya me voy a yo John wick

Yashanveer Panesar says:


Lol Chang says:

Who else is here in 201- I mean 2020

Just A Kid says:

why did you put the wing off, if you put it it has more downforce.

Raaed Qureshi says:

you are the best car

Michael Gozzi says:

All that money no common sense or respect to buy electronic valve's for cold starts smh. This is where rich asshole plays in. Also smart guy that Bugatti chiron taking the wing off wouldn't be better you would be lifting the car up at that speed without downforce

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