Ferrari LaFerrari vs Bugatti Chiron at Nordschleife

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Video Produced by Assetto Corsa Racing Simulator

The mod credits are: Markoss Kass

Thanks for watching!


Real Madrid says:

What game name?

Shailendra Mishra says:

Which car wins the race ferrari ya bugatti

Yoko 1991 says:

minimum circuit

Jun Andan says:

It all goes down to the Driver…

New Happiness says:

#2:50 it's not real its just a game

Sanjeev Mishra says:

Bugatti is best

tapasya rajoo says:

Buggati is. King

arko gaming says:

Anjir. Kirain beneran, eh malah ternyata game

Jaya Suriya says:

Nice cg work

My Bahrain says:

This is game yall

pranav puddin says:

Mother fucker this is a racing game

Gymguy says:

WOW ! What a race !!!

Ahmed Khan says:

Fake… How it is possible that Ferrari can beat BUGATTI Chiron… Bugatti's driver was rubbish…

Wasim Bogos says:

Is not real its 3D

Marvin Subba says:

This is animated. Lol

Tama Channel says:

Sangar nemen biso mabur

wechat speed says:

this game?🤔

Ajay Gangavaram says:

So Ferrari is the world's fastest car??

Kakak Tiri Si Ocong says:

Game in high grafict

King Vasquez says:

Bugati veyron vs all

Mustaq Ahmed says:

This a game

Harie Wibowo says:

Real racing 3

cong bun says:

Sound ferrary its good .. Bugatti 💪👍

Modou Fall says:

Trés jolie course bravo ferreri

Nimbus Huidrom says:

I like bugatti chiron

Amir Akramov says:

🤔Ferrari Laferrari👌
😤Bugatti Chiron💪

Raman bhagat says:

ferari la Ferrari is best car

Ayyub Rizky Ramadhan says:

Ojo balapan to mind. Mundak tibo lhoo..

Ruben Acevedo says:

Porque los espectadores no se mueven ?

Zulkarnaim says:

This is video game not

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