Ferrari Sergio by Pininfarina – 1 of 1

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For the first time you see the Ferrari Sergio by Pininfarina. This one-off is a tribute to Sergio Pininfarina and it’s based on a Ferrari 458 Spider and shares all the components (V8 engine, chassis, gearbox etc..), it weights 1280kg and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (0-60 mph) in 3.4s with a top speed of 320km/h (198mph)

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Putain   ça    sort toute  droit  du  Paradis !! Excellent  design !

Luke Tinius says:

This thing is ugly. Anyone who says otherwise is only saying it because it is a Ferrari.

Jonathan Han says:

Looks good, except the front end. Looks like a protruding melted duck face

Channel Stewart says:


Alexandre Jobi says:

Very Ugly.(Muito feia)

Aztech355 says:

I like everything about the LaFerrari but the name. As for the Sergio Pinifarina I think he would have been proud.

ItalianoIndo says:

well your earlier post and what you have said now is misleading but i agree i prefer the Sergio over the LaFerrari but i believe the LaFerrari was made just for the limited edition car which Ferrari havent done in a while and to compete agaisnt Lambo and McLaren

Kim Larsen says:

Like Ferrari Mythos.

Sergio says:

More beautiful than Laferrari..and it has my namee <3 Thx Ferrari 😀

ItalianoIndo says:

do you realise that the designer for almost all Ferrari's is by Sergio Pininfarina which this car is made specially for him and he designed the LaFerrari as well

ThatRosco458 says:

Screw LaFerrari, put the V12 and the battery pack into this beauty.

Shenmoki says:

Well don't just jump on him like that for thinking Ferrari created it, hell, at first glance anyone would think that it's a Ferrari if it wasn't mentioned in the title. And it's his opinion that the car doesn't look good, and i agree, it's not all that great looking, the P4/5 was a much better Pininfarina design.

Jenesis says:

ferrari's interpretation of the Aventador J

OccultusEgo says:

It's wasn't designed by Ferrari you dumb ass. That just comes to show that you haven't even got enough intelligence to judge on the cars beauty. This car's a masterpiece.

latin1988AC says:

Anyone saying this car is ugly and Ferrari are copying lambo, you know absolutely NOTHING about it's great heritage, what they set out to achieve with this car and you must have been born in the late 90's and have no BLOODY CLASS! I'd rather something unique that looks diff. Gosh. Stupid people everywhere! EVERYWHERE! That say's the P1 is ugly, LaFerrari is ugly, new Lambo-ugly. What on earth do you like then. Just STFFFFFUUUP!!!! And appreciate something special. Can't afford it ANYWAY! SU!

Mike says:

That is hideous, Im guessing the 1/1 means its a one off for a customer, I hope it stays that way. Ugly

Adi says:

the lines on this one are perfect, on the right places. It's beautiful.

YazeedSaber says:

A 458 in a very nice suit.

bucketslash11 says:

sorry, didn't see it

peter costello says:

I would never expect such a ugly design like that from ferrari

supaPS3GAMER1997 says:

Yea your right all the way

RASyared says:

Laferrari all the way. This has the Porsche syndrome… which way is the front which way is rear? Viva LA Ferrari instead.

Diax1324 says:

I think it looks similar to the Jag XJ220

Diax1324 says:

Sort of reminds me of the Aventador J…

tm four says:

shit in the future are starting to look like UFOs on the road

Samsuri Hasbi says:

shape and design similar to gt 40

ElieMaltz says:

it does not look like a real Ferrari..but its cool anyways

RonGamer123 says:

for the right price, the entire united states would sell itself

lahori004 says:

Definitely Ferrari got inspiration for this only from Lamborghini Aventador J.

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