FH4 Acceleration Battle! – Chiron, Veyron, Rimac C2, One:1, Regera, Agera RS, Venom GT & P1!

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For this video I have got 8 of the fastest Hypercars in Forza Horizon 4 & tested their 0-300 km/h-0 & 0-400 km/h-0 capabilities!

I have pulled 8 fast hypercars together including; Bugatti Chiron, Bugatti Veyron, Hennessey Venom GT, Koenigsegg One:1, Koenigsegg Regera, Koenigsegg Agera RS, Mclaren P1 & the ‘new to Forza’ Rimac Concept 2!!!

My difficulty settings – TCS (OFF) ABS (OFF) Manual gears (Manual with clutch for Hennessey Venom GT) Steering on NORMAL.


Matthew Renaud says:

Any car that can reach 248 mph in under 14 seconds should be illegal

clarifaco says:

This game is so unrealistic it hurts

Lambo Veneno says:

Real life results 0-400-0 (not 100% sure with rimac. Just a prediction)
1) rimac
2) regera
3) agera RS
4) one:1
5) venom GT
6) Chiron
7) veyron SS
8) P1

Bruno koenigferrporsc says:

Motor elétrico faz o carro corre muito mais e mais barato que pena que eles não querem disponibilizar pra masaa

Nusret Abdulezizov says:

Very good konniseg agera RS

Stefano van der Laan says:

Electric all the way

ruslanchik bolotov says:

Rimac 😮😮😮

Rumpi Chakraborty says:

Chiron and veyron have a same sound in fh4 …so bad

Jk Gladiator says:

And how do I get the Rimac

Jk Gladiator says:

Also is t bad to be rich in for a horizon 4

Jk Gladiator says:

Are they stock because I’m looking for a fh4 car that can go to 300 mph +

Xander San says:

I like that 60km/h sign at the start…

Ayden Harris says:

I like Bugatti Chiron’s because they go 500 mph

Ndivho Rambau says:

i never knew the P1 reached 400?

Ania Szydlik says:

No senna 🙁

TheBadChris WGF says:

3:00 name car?

Sausage Gaming says:

Who else is waiting for someone to put a rimac up for auction on forza

javik_ YT says:

Funny that regera didnt win cuz thats the fastes 0-400-0

///AMG 63 says:

Is rimac electric car?

Dingus Wingus says:

Where is the high pitched sound in the agera rs?

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