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fumo01/Niklas says:

brumm brumm niiiiiiiiiii brumm pff spritt ist aus

Rainman says:

The most overrated car in the world.
The price ,the sound and the looks.

Luke Ross says:

that buggati is fake

Sancho S says:

This title is misleading.

Hansten says:

Overall a good looking car but I can't understand how they could put door handles from a golf… why they don't have a flat door side to improve the airflow…

mrsiborg says:

If that's crazy I'd hate to see you video a Skoda! That would be EPIC!!

Belcebuble says:

Wieso muss der Sound nur dermasen scheise sein?! Mein Rasenmäher hört sich sportlicher an

Sander Mäses says:

bugatti chiron going crazy- yeah right, used all 89 bhp during these massive accelerations.- It's not a yugo shitbox. I wonder why has no one revealed it's true presence jet

Ronaldo Cristiano says:

fuck the rich

maxhardcoredisciple says:

crazy ? where is crazyness ??

ChristmasSamurai Ran 2018 says:

Ugly, gayron looks better but still ugly

RAWKUS tv says:

Wow!! Just outrageously incredible engineering.

Prince Xamim says:

How many horses does this this thing churns out…? 1,500HP
How many horses are these men using in the video…? 50, tops…!
Yeah, a Supercar makes a LOT of sense on roads…!!!
BTW, with this type of driving, even a bloody Vespa could keep up with it…!!!

My Name is Dragon. says:

hay kennst du Wasserlp auf yt

christopher laren says:

I prefere the veyron. She is much more beautiful

Sir Beny El Pollo Loco says:

Denn Chiron mit der Kennzeichnenendung 105 hab ich erste diese Woche am Montagmorgen um 7 auf der A81 gesehen. Hatte selten so einen geilen Start in die Woche. Wahnsinn wie sich diese schiere Gewalt und Eleganz auf der Straße bewegt ein wahres Meisterwerk!


What a beast!

Marvin says:

geiles auto

Leoni Reimchen says:

Echt gutes Video

Lam rof says:

This sounds like a power plant

qwerty218_ says:

Hey ich bin der von Insta laserluca_1.5

Milkystay says:

When your boss says -"Ok Klaus you can drive the Veyron today" and you are like "Yeah finally" … then the Chiron shows up and you´re like "F*ck it .. rly?"

Lithuanian Man says:

chirons are ugly compared to veyron

hpod3sx says:

why one chiron have different rear lights?

CookiePro HD says:

hab dich aboniert

GuuzakaTube says:

0:22 Because one wasn't enough! ?

worriorkid says:

+bastian thesoap Wie oft fährt der Bugatti da vorbei und fährt der auch am Samstag und Sonntag.
Schaut nach Industriegebiet aus ist das denn ein Autohaus?

neil matthew palapala says:

0:33 hahaha

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