Ford GT vs Koenigsegg CCXR on the Autobahn

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Ford GT vs Koenigsegg CCXR on the Autobahn


Daniel says:

No match for koenigsegg.

Zsolt Bódis says:

ford gt monster………monster…………

Вовка Вовка says:

Обожаю GT, но тут он не вывозит, слишком серьезный соперник у него

Modern Slave says:

0:52 "shaize" 🙂

Mr Anonymous says:

GT did really well , the new Agerra would thump it though

Jason S says:

Imagine that was an Agera RS

nate love says:

They don’t value cars in Germany. Like Mad Max over there. Dude like get out of my way. Pushing drivers out the way. So wrong. The autobahn needs to be 3 lanes continuously

Channel Locks says:

The acceleration looked weak. 😐

smoothoperator says:

Why cut the video fuck sake?

dee pharrow says:

Ford was on that ass

Peti Peti says:

GT sound 4 ever 🙂

A s i s Io Azimut says:

Amor puro¡¡

Ford Bronco says:

Later in 2017.

Pedro Aparecido says:

Coitado do gt40 kkkkkk


lol the ccx was barely getting on the throttle.

Martin Rojas says:

if i saw this on the freeway i would die of hapiness

Daniel M. says:

Ford GT went up to 293.6 mph in just one mile. You can look up on YouTube for (Texas mile Ford GT 293) Max speed is 347 mph. My dad own a Ford GT.

Daniel M. says:

this not a race. no room.

Kevin Otero says:

Completely unfair comparison. I love both these cars, but this is the equivalent of pitting a V6 mustang against a 5.0 Mustang.

Bape Monster says:

Christian Von Koenigsegg is a friking genius. the ccxr might not be the fastest car in the world, but the one can hit 273 and is fast af. I hate friking american ford they suck so bad.

Ken45 says:

That awkward moment when a $150,000 car can keep up with a $1,000,000 car…

Kay Ma Lai says:

Kann mir einer erklären, warum der gute Mann im Koenigsegg den schäbigen Ford nicht einfach wie Scheiße stehen lässt? Findet der das Gaspedal nicht?? 550 PS gegen 1000 PS? Als ob der dich da nicht binnen 2 Sekunden im Staub stehen lassen würde, echt….

Und dann nervt mich noch die Nutte (sitzt offenbar als Blowjobgerät aufm Beifahrersitz) mit ihrem extra elitemäßig-sexy dahingehauchten "Scheiße…" Warum nehmt ihr Typen euch immer irgendwelche Blasihasis mit zu solchen Touren?

ayyoub loukili says:

well the CCXR is a ford GT carbone fiber model built in sweden , when you look at the CCXR
you always notice that she got every details of ford GT ; the history of hypercars is built from that ford GT

Daniel Batori says:

with the same bhp ford can beat easy the ccxr

Sultan Sss says:

Koenigsegg Win always

Alexis Ortega says:

The Ford GT looks better and sounds better 🙂

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