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Part two of two. The Ford GT may be Jeremy Clarkson’s dream car but it does have one or two drawbacks and proves to be a little impractical, much to the amusement of James and Richard. Probably best to hand it over to the Stig then.

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Veltyn says:

Fire your sound guy

Beetleything says:

He bought it. Couldn’t drive it – to wide. And it broke down a lot or he had to charge the battery a lot.

Langolier says:

"Move the gear lever by one HAND" LOL!

Konrad Swierk says:

I can move the gear leaver with one hand 1:07

Xuân Bùi Thanh says:

Jeremy, you should put Lambo doors on the GT

Xuân Bùi Thanh says:

Jeremy, you should put Lambo doors on the GT

440x says:

Car has doubled and tripled in value pretty sure Jeremy got last laugh lol

Ross says:

Some say the sound guy is so dedicated to drowning out Jeremy's voice that he once paid each member of the audience a tenner to applaud loudly every time he spoke.

Mike N Mike says:

This bloke literally just got done ripping on American cars in of the episodes before and now ends up falling in love with an impractical one. He’s a 🥜

TheGreat1791 says:

who edited this shit? the music drowned out jeremy at the begining

muhammad shofwan says:

4mpg is insane, it's about 1.7 Km/l. That's useless 😂😂

Chris, OneOfMany says:

My 2006 GT gets over 16mpg average. You pounded this car, the fastest road car in the world at the time around a track until it ran out of fuel and then have the sack to complain that it didn't get good fuel mileage?

I"m sorry, I enjoy British humor but let's get real here and drop the pretense…

1. ) Nobody with an extremely rare car, the fastest car in the world and in Jeremies case the most rare car in Britain is going to park it anywhere near other cars..

2. ) Friendly competition and rivalry across the pond between the US and EU automotive industry is all good and well, but at least acknowledge that in the end, you've been bested. Especially when anyone can go on google and see what the actual gas mileage of the vehicle you're slandering relentlessly actually is, which is 13/21 conservatively.. It just makes you look like sore losers who hate your US cousins.. Same thing happened with both the Z06 and ZR1 which are to this very day the most widely used and sought after bang for buck sports cars on the market despite Top Gear EU's attempt at destroying public opinion on both vehicles.. Just stop Jerbear, we love you, but at the end of the day your not using the Metric system on Top Gear in any episode ever released for a reason. That reason is the United States, show some respect for all we have blessed you with by at least removing your massive bias towards American cars.

This review when contrasted with other reviews of American vehicles literally makes you sound like a complete hypocrite, I saw your cars build portfolio and the engineers hated you for speaking infinite praise when buying the car and then trashing it on national television. You think it's a coincidence that your alarm goes off randomly? Hah.

Danny Dethanos says:

Thanks to your audio designer I can imagine what the engine sounds like

Mike C. says:

It's still a beautiful car……love to have one.

John Blacksmith says:

@0:55 (lots of) famous last words Jezza

Козак Монако says:


2000cobraguy says:

Helen Keller did the audio mixing

Neg Ative says:

Proof that Ford doesn’t have to suck at all. They just almost always do.

()xym()r()n says:

i'm surprised hammond doesn't like this car, he's the most american british dude i've ever met.

Begotten says:

It's some sad karmic irony that after waiting so long and being so excited for this car that it was filled with gremlins after being shipped to Britain and he never really got to drive it, after years of shitting on everything American

SteveJG says:

Look at the value of these cars now… what a wonderful machine. How Ford did this in the mid 2000's is beyond me, but my god if I had one I would cherish it.


Who edited all this video
The background music is disturbing

Jess Connelly says:

How many hands do you usually use to shift gears👊👊👊👊

Keith Sage says:

I miss this show..

herranton1979 says:

In 2005, one of the fastest cars around the nurbergring was the corvette zo6. Only the Veyron, Carrera GT and Zonda were faster. It was five seconds faster than the Mercielago lp640. And the zo6 was a fraction of the price. You can complain they are a plasticy mess, but Americans can build fast cars that can turn. Not sure why the Eurotrash think otherwise, when the Corvette and Viper have wiped the floor with the Europeans for over a decade on the ring.

James F says:

I still think mr may is the stig

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