Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Spit Nitrous

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Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Spit Nitrous

Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Spit Nitrous

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luis mc says:

es estúpido lo de cobra

Emmanuel Luna says:

El Charger Demon le pone es su madre a esta porquería

frank pulido says:

El carro de mis sueños

wolfix says:

inferno mustang

Ali Ghassan says:

0:13 what it is called

Challenger Demon says:

oh…its a spitting cobra

Terry P says:

The only thing I would ever upgrade to from my GT!

Hejba 2 says:


Fabiano says:

Fantastic!The snake horse power! :-)☆

Jess of All Trades says:

Looks like the demon eye lights are trying to hypnotize you like a real cobra the way they flicker lol.

Mike Seymour says:

What’s it called when that mist comes out of the blow off valve

Oscar Garza says:

El Demonio Negro ?? I love mustang

Gnar says:

looks like shit

aqsa aqsa says:


Light Up says:

Thats a Beast!

Kameron Jergenson says:

I want s gt500 Shelby super snake

Paul Grof says:

This video has change my life it made me to fall in love with this car

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