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SSC Ultimate Aero engine + Hummer H1 Alpha! I haven’t forgotten about any of the past requests either, I’ll tend to them this weekend when I have time. School and working til late is crazy for my hobbies. Above all, SUBSCRIBE!



Hydrill98 says:

Land Rover with Audi R8

Minecraft fgt says:

What about Veyron SS with Hennessey Venom GT engine.

Tunea says:

DeLorian with Bugatti Veron Super Sport 🙂

Kevin Barton says:

Great! How about using the SSC Ultimate Aero engine in a 1952 Hudson Hornet for a request?

Joney Durpp says:

Make it weigh 1500LBS.

Thomas Croaker says:

How do you do this Impossible

Anthony Dwayne Claycomb Jr. says:

 we need a recorder for https:/454023064720984/?ref=22our event. and love the swaps. heres a good one. 2004 Opel Speedster Turbo with 2011 Koenigsegg Agera. but make it a whille car

Angelus Devastus says:

stunning music taste 😀

bigboyrise says:

nah i'm fine 🙂

A$AP HULK says:

OMG if i had this hummer in tag mode on forza 4, i would be banned in 3.5 minutes 😀

Sharptooth100 says:

Perhaps that Hummer with a Bugatti Veyron engine sounds terrific.

antonio brown says:

can u do more onine vids

impossible says:

I LOVE YOU! Thanks brother 🙂

Zorx91 says:


conker662 says:

What about a 66,000 hp charger powered h1 alpha running against the other cars lol

Henry Whittaker says:

So pretty much a tank?

Heat Casualty says:

I Would like a GMC Vandura With a buggati motor.

th3lonewolf1 says:

You know you should really use the old mullsanne circuit to top speed test, its 2x as long as top gear. btw great video

impossible says:

once a month lol

clayton gilmour says:

Do you play online?

impossible says:

wow thanks man, I really appreciate your kind words!

impossible says:

increase every hp-adding part (cams, valves, pistons etc.) torque_scale in the database file.

clayton gilmour says:

You really have very high quality videos, Very well done! I love your videos man

Low Tone Audio says:

I am really wondering how to Mod the horsepower in any one specific vehicle for forza 4 is there anyway you can show me?

impossible says:

I can choose what the weight of the motor swap'd in will be 🙂

Dustin Knipfer says:

Umm why? The nose weight percentage would be ridiculous.

Dustin Knipfer says:

Do you gift out any cars like this? I have a request for a drift car if your ok with that.
62 Lincoln Continental with Saleen raptor engine preferably or Bugatti motor if that one is easier. Ive looked into getting the mod tools but I dont have a squat for computer knowledge its amazing I can work youtube.

CompletelyProGamers says:

Trueno ae86 with venom gt

Ulysses says:

Do a Smart car powered Buggati Veyron Supersport!

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