Forza 7 Drag Race! – Lamborghini Aventador VS Mclaren MP4-12C VS Noble M600!

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These three crazy supercars may look familiar together and you’d be right, they were driven across Italy on Top Gear a few years ago. However in this game i tested all three against one another to see which is really the fastest. The Lamborghini Aventador with 691 bhp and AWD, the Mclaren MP4-12C with 592 bhp and RWD & the car made in Leicester, the Noble M600 with 650 bhp and a manual transmission. Who will take victory???

Thank you to Ahmad Galal & Zemflo for helping me with this race!

Ahmad Galal –

Zemflo –


Forza Force says:

The Noble M600 is criminally underrated as a supercar, but nevertheless this was a good matchup of supercars, i hope you enjoyed this race 🙂

japaneez says:

Noble M600 vs Mosler MT900s

ThirstPlayz s says:

Wow, 1 dislike only, good job lel

IkaFang says:

Noble is just gone

Felipe Liveira says:

Porsche 962c vs supercars,like!

Zameer Hussain Bughio says:

Do 812 superfast vs mclaren f1 vs koenigsegg ccxr

Yogi Munte says:

like a top gear

Paulette Blake says:

how did p1 got a head start

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