Forza Horizon 3 – Part 31 – Lykan Hypersport

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LP - LincolPlays says:

Can anything bad happen if you bid for a car?

Tricia Scudder says:

You keep on saying fortza

johnyorlando says:

The car is is made of diamond

Claudia Gligorea says:

I like that car very cool and very fast

Y M says:

The Lykan hypersport scene wasn’t in Dubai, it was in Abu Dhabi. 🙂 keep up the good work!!

Mr. Pinapple says:

The batmobile is the Lamborghini egoist

Xavier 11280 says:

I was able to get this from the auction house for only 552k then when I drove it, I immediately understood why nobody else was placing bids. The car is ?

Bishoy 5007 says:

U forgot 30

Buck1es_ 99 says:

Paint it black, yellow wheels, there u go a batmobile

Lugene Springer says:

It was a crome red with mattalc black

CuteFox Plays says:

what camera do you use for ur vids?

CuteFox Plays says:

wanna see a batmobile? everyone calls the lamborghini egoista a batmobile and its a concept car search it.

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