Forza Horizon 4 Bugatti Chiron (Logitech G920 Steering Wheel) Gameplay

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Game (Forza Horizon 4)
Steering Wheel (Logitech G)
Wheel Stand (GT Omega)
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Driving Bugatti Chiron in Forza Horizon 4 (FH4) using the Logitech G920 steering wheel + paddle shifters


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Jela Trask says:

You almost killed a deer.

Emanuele Pastore says:

I'm italian

Parkour Chris says:

2:16 Cringe.

Hedrich Paul Elizarde says:

its just like GTA V

Алексей Селиванов says:

Я Русский) так что новая аудитория заслуживает сердечко)♡

Lemarr Penndog says:

Can u make a video with your wheel settings bc I've been trying for days to get the right settings

HD Gaming says:

Wow bugatti chiron , nice game


nice setup 👍👍👍

Harsh Jain says:

0:23 overload of cuteness

Gabe Collins says:

So this steering wheel thing is for Xbox right?

Martin Krõlov says:

Why the buggati chiron is so broken? In stock it can drive 400km/h

Nixa says:

Chiron is very beautiful😍😈🔥🖤💙

Rhythm Kashyap says:

Your driving skills are "Next level". I haven't seen such an amazing super car driving before. GREAT GREAT GREAT!!

Velocity Zest says:

I'm the only one that noticed that there was no traffic at all ok love the driving though gtoofast❤

Marli Josefa says:

Italia veiron

claudiodrappy says:

How you have leaved the other cars?

GAPlayz says:

4:17 when ur mom tells u to go out after a gaming night and ur super tired

HSS K says:

I'm using MY dad's account

HSS K says:

Plz can you give me this my mom wouldn't let

Graham Duensing says:

out of all the cars you have driven this is that best one yet (it's also my dream car too so double score XD.)

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