Green Carbon Koenigsegg Regera Start Up, Accelerations & Exhaust Sound @ Goodwood!

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During the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018, I filmed this awesome Koenigsegg Regera fitted with an entirely green, exposed carbon fibre bodywork! Video shows the Regera starting up its 1800HP 5.0 liter twin-turbo V8 engine and driving up the Goodwood hillclimb, producing a lovely exhaust note! Enjoy!

Huge thanks go to my friends and youtubers Italiansupercarvideo ( and 19Bozzy92 ( for letting me use some of their footages!

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Gd Vega says:

This Regera and the Huawei Mate 20 pro look so similar in the looks of color and texture

Look it up

MOTOR HAWK car n truck enthusiast says:

this is my favorite car of 21st century

MOTOR HAWK car n truck enthusiast says:

dislikers are either non car-guys or prius owners or even bugatti chiron fans

MOTOR HAWK car n truck enthusiast says:

only an engineer with an artistic background can work on such cars,not a non car-guy CAD expert

MOTOR HAWK car n truck enthusiast says:

this is called real craftsmanship! combining both art and engineering

MOTOR HAWK car n truck enthusiast says:

this car has a very clean and sleek bodywork which looks really simple and beautiful ,unlike many new super cars which follow a very sophisticated body work design which makes them ugly,Swedish cars stay always beautiful ,they will ! even in the future which is bleak

MOTOR HAWK car n truck enthusiast says:

this is what happens when a Swedish teen sings an old american rock song ,what i really mean is that this Swedish masterpiece has an american V8 sound in it's V12 engine

Yassin Tanger says:

What a monster

spryght1 says:

Motorcycle sound.

A-Vids Car Channel says:

this is a r t!!! that color is sooo sick!!

Andreas Granath says:

Just pure Swedish perfection 🇸🇪

Sibeeria says:

Why green carbon 😭

Tangobaldy says:

all that money and you buy shit green

alexandr kluenkov says:

when engineers control commits, and not marketers, they get masterpieces

Engel Styla says:

Hässlicher Auto

Tobias Zurbuchen says:

2:53 listen to that sound🙈

Reigate Robot says:

That sounds incredible

ilyas said says:

ultimate expression of art and engineering

hudson says:

The sickest car I’ve ever seen

Patryk G says:

the best looking Koeingsegg ever!

Secret Admirer says:

this vs other supercars is like sebulba's pod racer vs anakin's pod racer in the phantom menace and no I'm not sorry for reminding you of that awful film

Ollie Johnson says:

The souuuuund of poweerrrrr 😂… Beautiful to 😍

Hrvoje Brkan says:

one gear XD

muhd akib mohd fuad says:

I like the deep sound of the engine combine it with twin turbo

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