GTA 5 – DLC Vehicle Customization (Cheval Taipan) and Review

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This vehicle is primarily based off the 2018 Hennessey Venom F5.

Part of the SA Super Sport Series DLC.


Digital Car Addict says:

This vehicle is primarily based off the 2018 Hennessey Venom F5.

Wild Free says:

lmao Vacca's still my fav supercar

Epic Victory Royale Thanos Is Gone says:

I got it in the Casino lol, I don’t even have an office yet

Elmao says:

I think they made the Taipan so slow as a joke since the Hennesy F5 can't even drive yet.

it's also based off concept cars in general which don't exist.

Dinoboy69420 says:

Looks sick, sucks dick.

Bass Tester says:

Rockstar logic
Adds $1.9m car, makes it slow,
Adds $700k car, makes it fast

Vincent M says:

I did the casino wheel glitch and i won this car so I got it for free

Rylan Caldecott says:

I really don’t like how this car looks in general

Jake Charlie says:

Bought the entity at a discount, won this at the casino, i see this as an absolute win

RK Animation Maps says:

Am I the only one that likes it!

danucciguzman says:

This car needs a tweak on its speed and acceleration. Good thing I won it off the podium via the Lucky Wheel. LOL

Dave McD says:

Won it as a podium vehicle tonight. Its gonna be a car show only joint. The taipan accelerator is slow and not sure about driving around in it. The understeer is trash.

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