GTA 5 ROLEPLAY – 5000hp Devel Sixteen vs Mercedes-AMG Project ONE | Ep. 402 Civ

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These car look something out of a sci-fi film that for sure! Here we have the MONSTER DEVEL vs AMG PROJECT ONE! Who will win? what is a better car?? Both of them are mad quick and I had fun with this. We will need to make some huge supercar/hypercar event

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Nick Avenoso says:

It’s not 2 jet engines it’s v16 that is why it’s called a devel sixteen I’m just saying I’m not correcting

aleee ses says:

The devil 16 has a v16


Lykan hypersport is kinda fast I drove it 8 got it to 333 mph is the second fastest

Tommy Jones says:

hey the price of a devil 16 is $1 million

Mikethesaint07 says:

Do a vid we’re u put on 500 torque and say that is it’s last stage plzzz

The Beatbox Guy says:

can you do a tourk 200x xD

Black Knight 657 says:

Devel has nearly 3x the size of the engines

Its a V16

Joezan Edwards says:

Devel. Sixteen

Alexis Amaye says:

The Project 1 is Lewis Hamilton's private road legal car

Monster 12 says:

Put manual on it if u dont have it on

Ant Tony says:

this guy is so against any other car that aint his that thing smoked him he just cant admit it

Knife Collecting channel says:

so at 6:28 he reks u, but at the first race, u rek him, he is using juice ma dude

TT GT says:

i would choose the project 1

ZoliKKA Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲є̲̅ says:

You was have to put on 200x 😀

No Need says:

In real life that mercedes is not faster than the devel 16 btw the first race was most acurit

Фольксваген Гольф says:

I love how he put torque or power boost on the second race kinda hilarious

Smoke says:

something or someone can beat the devil his name is Jesus

r32 garage says:

It's a v16 with 4 massive turbos with 28lbs of boost

Max Taylor says:

I would pick both personally

Psychotic Core says:

The one thing I hate about these people is that the devil 16 has WAY WAY WAY more horsepower than the McLaren so what I hate is all the juices they put in their cars I HATE IT!!

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