GTA IV – iCEnhancer 1.3 + Ultimate Textures v2.0 + Pagani Huayra

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GTA IV – iCEnhancer 1.3 + Ultimate Textures v2.0 + Road Textures + Pagani Huayra

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Resolution 1280×720
Texture Quality – high
Reflection Resolution – very high
Water Quality – very high
Texture Filter Quality – highest
View Distace – 42
Detail Distance -100
Vehicle Density – 100
Shadow Density -16
Definition – On
VSync -On

My Specs:
Board:ASUS M4A785td-v evo
Cpu:Phenom II X4 955 B.E. 3.2Ghz
CpuFan:CoolerMaster Hyper 212
Ram:4Gb Apacer 1333Mhz 2x2kit
Video:Zotac GTS 450 AMP! Edition 875/4000
HDD:500GB-SATA-16MB Samsung ‘SpinPoint F3 (HD502HJ)’
Power supply: GlacialTech GP-AL650AA 650W
OS:Windows 7 Ultimate x64


Best gameplay 2010-2011 –

Crysis 2 –
Shift 2 –
Assassins Creed 3 –
Dirt 2 –
Bad Company 2 –
Modern Warfare 2 –
Black Ops –
GTA 4 –
HomeFront –


DizZ says:

INTEL i7 Six Core 6 x 4,5 GHz
1000GB SSD + 2TB HDD
BluRay und DVD ReWr
4x NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN – 24576MB

Keioss Laplace says:

Very nice iCEnhancer and textures! And nice car. I have EPM active on mine. 🙂 GTAIV can be a great driving game when you mod it.

Jason99942 says:

Lol, you can tell when a controller is being used. It's just sad.

Nihad Asadli says:

so how many it got?

CrunchyOver9k says:

dude the 450s are amazing, i can run almost anything max without probs, then again i have a GLH 450 TI but they struggle with physx

Nothing Here says:

can it run at HP Pavilion G6?

Dumb Kid says:



9800 gt 256bit 1gb can i run it

aaa says:

@dkbzwcj yeah thats what everyones been saying btw! if your getting bored of this then check out this online game >>

Shwetabh Suman says:

@dkbzwcj yeah thats what everyones been saying btw! if your getting bored of this then check out this online game >>

Clyde Frog says:

Pretty laggy

MX5 JOHN says:

Remember since the ati radeon hd 6770 iccqk 2gb might make the computer freeze bacuse of so much memory it's taking in graphics only (based on some games) so there is probability

MX5 JOHN says:

It can work on the that type of computer but it's mostly based on the memory , core speed , and graphics and mostly with total mods and game doesn't take much so it might bait take more 1.3 gb

R Nugraha Syaban says:

can i run this on ATI Radeon HD6770 iceqx 2gb


Pirelli tires 😉

Android2100 says:

Лучшее враг хорошего, не забывай

Android2100 says:

Посмотри на моём канале видео Icenhancer 2.0 , там карточка получше, и текстуры виднее будут и качественее, будут вопросы помогу с установкой если чё ))

Android2100 says:

Adam i used version, may be problem here?

Android2100 says:

Forza really nice game, but not on the PC platform

Android2100 says:

already running 😀

Android2100 says:

Yess i now it )))

Android2100 says:

Zotac Gts 450 AMP! Now i use Zotac Gtx 560 OC, Enter to my channel and watch my videos on GTX 560 Enjoy!

Android2100 says:

Tomorrow morning, and do not forget to create one

Hayrullah Kılıç says:

what kind of do you use graphics card?

amer mob says:

its look gta 5

amer mob says:

this car looking gta 5 cheetah

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