Gumball 3000 2009 Shelby SSC Aero Gets SIDEWAYS Santa Fe

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Rated at 1,183 bhp at 6950 rpm and 1,094 lb·ft torque at 6150 rpm

Check out some of our photos from the event:

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? says:

I have sat inside this specific SSC that you are looking at because the driver, Elo (the Afro guy, also the owner of many other famous cars like the batmobile), is my mate. He stores this car in his museum called the "London Motor Museum". He's taken me for a 248mph ride… It gives you the biggest adrenaline rush you'l ever get. Trust me. The rims have Real Diamonds.

robert farris says:

this car dominates all euro cars as far as acceleration and faster than most in top speed

V8Supercar1 says:

@MrAcv123: Unfortunately, that car doesn't exist, and probably never will. But how ever, the SSC Tuatara is almost here. 🙂

MrAcv123 says:

@sald18 say what you will ill take the dagger which is american and a sports car.

Tj1056 says:

@sald18 lol dude…. this car is based off the lamborghini Diablo…

Audiking cadillac says:

@gggromay Well the diablo was design by chrysler the cinzeta v16 was the was the first design by but they shaped it out better

JellyBird12 says:

@sald18 ..Ignorant I See..

shaco jester says:

blah blah blah all you dislike people are just pissed cause it can beat your favorite cars hands down

RR King says:

SSC Aero Looks like shit.

Americans and sports car not joinable

edtri19 says:

@gggromay meh, still performs well and jerod is a nice guy

TheMeisterize says:

@gggromay someones mad cause everyday his boss pulls up beside him in one of these, and his boss is the same guy that gave him wedgies in sixth grade

Desmond Davis says:

@AddersZXR4 no no no get a dagger gt

hsuanstr says:

whos the driver?

Mt48 says:

@WickedTRX The Veyron is a small car hardly bloated, if you have ever seen one in real life you would know this. A veyron sitting next to a MINI cooper looks small in comparison.

GRRB says:

what a cheap rip-off of the diablo, did you all knew shelby supercars used to be a replica-kit-car builder? yes, before used to build a diablo kit car which transformed (or should i say DEFORMED) into this thing, but you can still see its basically a lamborghini diablo replica cheap kit car.

fatdan172501 says:

@justcallmegod2 we dont know him either lol.

justcallmegod2 says:

who is the guy with the tree growing out of his head? (don't shoot me if he's famous, i'm not from the usa)

WickedTRX says:

@Deango2: i´ve said that it looks like a Focus because the headlights are the same, and the veyron is a bloated supercar.

pointsur says:

That has to be the dumbest comment yet.

DarthVantos says:

well if u want a luxury car then go buy a veyron for a good million more

WickedTRX says:

one fast ford focus

Simao Costa says:

ok, it's powerfull, but for the money is damm ugly

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