Hennessey Venom GT Prototype – Road Testing in England

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Hennessey Venom GT test mule on the road near Silverstone.



Tanner Levine says:

¡El clon del Lotus!

Hussein Joudee says:

Amazing car the prototype is sexy as hell .

Seargent Pugsley says:

2018 anyone??

Xiang Wang says:

I want say venom gt sexy,and powerful.

Xiang Wang says:

this car 1244hp,top speed 270.49mph! nfs2012 best one car!🤗 but that game made 2012,venom gt
top speed 427km/h and 267mph,if nfs mostwanted2 made 2015,it can
running at 435.31km/h 270.49mph.😄

Shabalabawigman1 says:

The whine 👍👍

Stalker Grim says:

But hennessy venom Is an american right or not?

Black Panther says:

Looks like bat mobile

Verona Dave says:

fakt dobré ale chťelobi to trochu vitunit

Monkeytama says:

Haha nem tem como dirigir um desse no Brasil.
Limite de velocidade nesse país é de 37mph xD

YurixRuz says:

Nice Lotus.

Youtuber says:

Its been 5 years man time fly's.

DerPolacke says:

Google for Brutal Golf MK2 😀

ItzTom29 says:

sounds eletric I love this car and most of all I love cars 🙂

Lucy Baker says:

Is this the fastesf car in the world?

cicstommy says:

Wtf that's a Lotus, not a Viper?

Whitewolf Wendi Brown says:

WOW what a wicked little beast!  Love it

Nate says:

Looks like a mix between a McLaren P1 and a Lotus  Elise

Kerry Stansbury says:

Not much od a road test!

Christopher Gammon says:

Looks cool with European plates!

Aquib Rahman says:

how did u get it in England

Laooks Phetti says:

They'll put an end to it…

ธนารัตน์ ศิริวัฒนาโยธิน says:

ฺBATMAN's car

Martin andersen says:

OMG good  luck with this  fantastic car ,,,:)

suloja61 says:

Geil.Mfg suloja

bruce lee says:

its prototype idiot!

Scvngr says:

Lotus actually worked with Hennessy to design the body for the Venom based off the Lotus Elise. They also were helping with the suspension.

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