Hennessy Venom GT VS. Bugatti Veyron

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World racing technologies is proud to present our performance packages for the Hennessy Venom GT and Bugatti Veyron Thanks subscribe!


Sprite Cranberry man says:

do people realize that the venom makes 1,244 hp at full boost dang

Gourish Lotlikar says:

bugatti full top speed is 280 miles

Ömer UranliTR says:

veneom king

barman barman says:

buggati king

MrPerfect ForDayz says:

Red arrow is right

MrPerfect ForDayz says:

This is on forza

MrPerfect ForDayz says:

Dude ur a faggot u don't no anything about cars

Elivan Calixto says:

Bugatti better

Macky Mac says:

Dude, the Hennessy Venom GT can go 278 mph, not 266! The Bugatti is way slower.

dave magna says:

the video sucks

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