Here's Why the Ford GT's Doors Are Incredibly Annoying

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The Ford GT’s doors are incredibly stupid. Today I’m showing you why the doors in my 2005 Ford GT are stupid and annoying — perhaps the only drawback to an otherwise wonderful car.

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Polo Metoyer says:

Your too tall no cap

Alaa Aly says:

dude just revv it it will make you forget about every drawback of the car

Dwy 097 says:

This is why I wanted a mustang

Ps4Addictionz says:

Just buy a 2017 Ford gt it has no respect for the 1960 Ford gt racer

Evilpimp says:

You're incredibly sad for even buying that car, it's just so sad.

Rod Rich says:

It sounds like a Ford when it closes.

Call me Daddy says:

This is how many times he said doors

Bananen Saft says:

a fly door upgrade??

Gabriel says:

So… They make a cool car that no one can look cool getting in and out of? K.

Kaan says:

You can get out from the roof and the problem is solved

Golden Fire says:

That's why the dodge viper nailed the bubble disign

Lewis Williams says:

0:07 you couldn’t a-ford it

Snipersboy14 says:

Your car is nice
Oh and also a speed demon

Jesus Wolf says:

Actually pretty smart cuz if it’s raining u don’t get ur car so wet from the inside

EFG says:

I was wondering why you left the doors out of your original review. Now I know. 🙂

Kafajku says:

Yeah, but the Ford GT is adapted into racing.

MR KIKUE says:

Why u buy it ? U a giant. This is human car .

Dylan Tauscheck says:

If you hate it so much i mean all these videos about hate than plz give it to me

diego delima says:

Fuck. That’s not a flaw to me that’s just bad ass

Truth Mathers says:

Rich people complain about lame ish

Alexシ says:

Vapid bullet o.O

Ethaniel Cañete says:

Car guys say: ford gt
Gta players say: vapid bullet

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