Hilghland View & Fenyr Supersport Viesky_hYPERSONIC

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New track, new car, new BEST ROUTE! Check how it’s done with Viesky_hYPERSONIC. Sorry about the screen size ^^
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olasdelmar4 says:

Good Job!!!…
Nice music too!!!…What's the name of the music track?

zan says:

How do people have fast cars and still have good handle like, OMG SO IMPOSSIBLE

cb unknownguyontab says:

0:07 there was a asphalt extreme picture

Smul2 Plays says:

This is cool my only question WHEN ATE WE ACTULY GONNA BE ABLE TO PLAY ON IT I've only seen 3/4 rio tracks

Anish J. says:


آلآمـبرآطـور آلعربي says:

What do you get for the game all win in the World Championship does not count Fawzi comes that phrase a problem in synchronization of hyper …. for any units of talking …. 😡😡 and to win nine consecutive times and benefited from Nitro player every time you do not take advantage of upgrades for the class C Please answer

UFC•Lennon says:

my record 46:674

Clement Ediba says:

I bet u i can do much better than that 👊👊

MoMoVeyRon 2Bk says:

asphalt xtreme trailer?

Хво1ный КФ says:

О дааа, как реалистично.. Интересно, когда хотя бы более менее реализм присутствует. А тут!

Ali Deveci says:

Trianon nemesis'den hızlı mı şimdi bu araba?

Datguyewanz says:

I made one to

Alpha Lads says:

It's really hard completing the fenyr RnD challenge plz help me if I do complete this RnD challenge it would be the first ever challenge I ever completed plz help 😭🙏 plz plz help

The Killerman says:

Why GT racing 2 channel in gameloft not add. please add and update news.

ReeavN says:

What is The Véhicule ? what The MAP ?

RⓔV_KasaneTeto says:

wait hypersonic was a part of A8 youtube?! cool!

Rifqi Al Fariz says:

Holycrap he's good.

TheLionsDen says:

Too Awesome! The Music With It Is too :3

Isac A.M.Martins says:

lol carro foda, so o som do motor que não impressiona muito ❤

RazorBurner says:

the song us awesome whats it called

Андрей Шишкин says:

Было бы у меня столько жетонов ,супер ящики бустеров да времени на улучшение и прохождение, как и у многих других игроков ,показали бы, где раки зимуют !

ATOM 3322 says:

vuoooo okay

AquaStorm _ says:

ugliest car in asphalt 8

Wake me up when the world is not fucked up says:

You spelled highland wrong stupidloft.

Israel says:

No yengo android pero se me traba el circuito y se me cierra el juego y se me reinicia el celular

Marcello Allves says:

Nice !!! 👌👍

Anish J. says:

He gets MAX PRO free, while I have to huff-puff and win it ._.

Doggie says:

Jeez man…………….run faster then my eyes 0.o

Oyun Hikayesi says:

asphalt açılmıyoki bluestacksta

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