How the LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron Driving Life Size Model was Made Documentary

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A behind the scenes documentary of how we made the amazing real lifesize LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron 1:1 version. Learn how the engineers and the designers overcame challenges and make it drive using only LEGO Power Function motors!

Proof that with LEGO Technic, you really can Build for Real… #BuildforReal

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Nikita Miroshnychenko says:


Noob have caca life says:

It will be cool to use the ACTUAL W16 for the LEGO bugatti chiron

Tripletricker Gaming says:

Did I heard it was made by Lego 95 percent only
why wouldn't we try 100 percent PUREE TECHNIC LEGO hmmmm….. Oh wait how about the rub…. Nvm JUST MAKE A MODEL

high storm says:

Can it turn right or left

Xility YT says:

“This is the story of how we did it”

Me: You built it with other people

benji gamer 645 7 says:

Crash test it dont worry i will build it jk

Rim Keo says:

how much for the whole set? how many pieces?

COOLIF Covers says:

7:15 he looks like freddy mercury

Austin Miller says:

I have seen this in person

Mathew Hoffman says:

What is the top speed

CUBIX says:

Wow If being hit by a car hurts and stepping on a lego brick hurts then WHAT ABOUT THIS?

ExiletheJedi says:

There are people who get paid for building legos.
Holy cow.

LightingGaming_123 !!! says:

This thing make me spent 600$ on the three supercar lego technic

Xufeng Bee says:

I wish their were LEGO wheels

Ben Allen says:

Hi would you creators that created the full size Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron ever sell this creation to me please? Or would you creators ever make building instructions and pieces lists for the full size Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron for me and the public please thank you

Big Boy Roy Productions says:

Leave a like if you think this should be a set

Marty more says:

I want to be have In my home

David says:

I would be scared if I was driving that because there using legos as brakes also.

AERO_StrafeSho T says:

Dude do you deadline how heavy an engine is

Twiggyay says:

So who made more money out of this video? Lego or VAG?

sullivan mcclanahan says:

worlds most uncomfortable bugatti

PuddyCat says:

Mr. Beast got there first.

oleedee says:

What a waste of time and money when some people in the world don't have running water or enough food to eat.

David Lockley says:

dont copy ther video just why

Alex68dash says:

But can it play my fire mixtapes?

Mik Mik says:

Donald trump is gonna build a wall with technic Lego.

Paul Zamora says:

So how much is insurance?

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