I Bought An $11,000 Bentley Continental GT (With Some BIG Problems!)

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Today we’re starting my Bentley Continental GT project, that I bought from Tyler Hoover of Hoovie’s Garage. This rebuild and restoration is going to be either absolutely amazing or absolutely terrifying. Either way, it’s gonna be fun. Thanks to AutoTempest for sponsoring this video!

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Antonio Ortiz says:

Ure useless..I'm sorry to say

Joseph Crede says:

Next video sponsor will be Keeps.

HanGonnaSec Huey says:

How many times did you practice this before you got through sounding like a phony used car salesman?

HanGonnaSec Huey says:

Trash or cash??? No, I don't follow you.

Mark Nathwani says:

What happened to this car?

Jake 22 Galvez says:

I bought mine for 8,000

Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood says:

11,000 to buy $4,000 just to fix a door handle you had better believe I LEARNED MY LESSON ……no thanks and great video by the way was rather funny too thanks bro

T1971 C1971 says:

It's been passed around more times than Kim Kardashian.

Cosmic Perspective says:

Hey have you finished this? Have you sold the Bentley?


I love my Bentley Continental GT it’s a amazing car

MrGlumley says:

Just subscribed Travarish! Show me some love! lol Great job and actually found you through Tyler’s channel.

Robert Izaacs says:

You just wasted 11000$ lol congrats!

Five0deuce says:

U was better off getting a Chrysler 300 🤷🏾‍♂️

Bo P says:

You so dumb send me your address I will send you a couple of use condoms let see what can you do whit them

pospouris says:

put a 50cc scooter engine inside or better a lawnmower engine.

ResurWreck says:

What’s worth more, a salvage car like this with one owner and an awesome Carfax other than the one problem that totaled the car, or this car?

Craig Jones says:

Unless your a mechanic move on

abuhamza1970 says:

Wow you must have big pockets and even bigger cajones to attempt this one bro. The only advice I can give you is one I give myself:

When things get difficult, remember that life is about the journey and NOT the destination. You and this car are going on an adventure, so just enjoy the ride.

Looking forward to going on this journey with you.

Demian Kladiev says:


John O'brien says:

I sold that car for two grand how did you get it did you steal it

2112 Bangkok says:

Give me the classic anyday. Real chrome, stainless, leather, wool and craftsmanship. Your huge piece of plastic was priced correctly.

Mr Mr Jims says:

Lie!! probably paid 31k at least

Suspect Alien says:

I dropped out after 30seconds an advert is what I didn't need bye

david jones says:

You talk too much.!

lockodonis says:

Advertising bs….. 👎

Jackj28 says:

Ya then you found out it didn't have warranty, just like my friends continental, and that you have to change the air suspension and it's going to cost you 10k lol🤣😭😂 um no thank you

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