If Ford Rejects my GT Application, I'm Buying this $450,000 Supercar

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Benjamin M Churas says:

there is a few Ferraris in madison

Damirus Williams says:

I’ve been there with my dad before

Kolton Ledbetter says:

That reminds me of the movie back to the Future

Benjamin M Churas says:

i,ve seen a Lamborghini cuntagh and a Lamborghini dibolato

Diane Lee says:

When he pull out onto the highway the car behind him was a fully electric supercar lol

Shivanand Gandhi says:

I to have a Ferrari 488

Prince Valiant says:

You need sleep dude.

Jaiden Chokshi says:

Better car idea: go get a dodge daytona, make it race ready, and take it to the track. That might just be the fact that I love Daytona, but I mean

king Dmoney says:

What do this nigga do to get money like that

Furry Police says:


jaydrad oyao says:

I wish i have a car.

Reyn Guillermo says:

5 cars is enough dude

Joe Gentry says:

Some dudes had pictures of girls on their walls growing up. I had a post of that exact Countach. So sexy with the headlights up.

Jack Pollett says:

Buy a 2020 Corvette zr1

Wasteland Will69 says:

I bet they will decline it

cozy uwu says:

The Lamborghini’s taillight make it look like it’s bored. xD

Russian Danglez says:

Do you live in Denver? I do.

Fortnite Squad says:

How did he not see the conensegg

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