INSANE Features Of The 2020 Bentley Flying Spur!

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INSANE Features Of The 2020 Bentley Flying Spur!


Stuart McDowell says:

A poor mans rolls Royce.

Ponstleon says:

Satan lime green

Omar Nassar says:

VV and JWW colabs are awesome ❤

Hidden Creek Ranch says:

Buy some cow for your land

richard noggin says:

matte white with metallic white stripes

Suvan Sethi says:

This car is 💯 worth it’s value. You get such great quality with an msrp of 200k, it’s amazing,

Francisco García Piña Cuéllar says:

Green itaca

Junito Punto Comm says:

5:12 Somebody said…Copycat !! Lol

yo mama says:

dont wrap the car please

AA soccer reaction says:

Omit in a hellcat already got one

Julian Aranas says:

Wrap it in red because its so good looking when the color of the 2020 toyota supra is red

Sonny Yoyo says:

He doesn't work with solomandrin anymore??

Aamir Bedi says:

I’m in Nice now and saw several on the roads today

ben ik niet says:

wrap it gold

Junaid Zafar says:

8:00 “2200 watts in a car” maybe you should check out Steve Meade (meade916)

Gilles Cloet says:

Do a widenoddy on the supra

Hayden Cutrone says:

It will do over 200 mph and do 60 in 3.7 so it's faster better looking then the phantom and cheeper

ilikeyello says:

wrap your car at premium auto styling… they just wrapped their supra and got experience since these car are pretty hard to wrap

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