Is The Car Worth It? Fenyr Supersport – Asphalt 8

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Stressed out. So much work. Ugh


Aris Cheese God says:

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Zac Dak says:

my car is fast and its in b class what???!!!!!!

Sheetal Rana says:

You haven't watched a max pro fenyr video , watch a fenyr video of Isaac sierra

rajesh mishra says:

This car is now available for 3500 tokens

Mr. Harris says:

Tuning for R&D?

TheBoltMaster says:

I’m doing the rnd for this thing right now, i’m a free to play player so wish me luck

Pan Pejdal says:

Rest in Peace all those money you spend on this cars think how much noodles you could buy.

Lightly Salted says:

Its back and i dont know if it has token upgrades

Sawyer Prescott says:

jezzum what music is this? also can you follow me on insta aris?

Teh angry bird 345 says:

I agree the Fenyr is one of the most beautiful cars in a8

Johan Sebastian Carvajal Bueno says:

Hey Aris, please tell me the name of the songs in this video and say the name of the songs you use for all the videos, it's useful.

FreeCaddy Gaming says:

Whatever specs but the car is really damn sexy

Razvan Stefan says:

I am a big big big fan

Kyungcumber says:


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