Jaguar XE SV Project 8 vs. Mercedes-AMG GT 63 4MATIC+—2019 BDC Hot Lap Matchup

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For 2019 we’re changing things up. Why watch one hot lap when you can see two at once!? Jaguar decided to go a little nuts and build a 600hp, track-focused, crazy expensive, sedan with the single purpose of setting great lap times. In fact, Randy Pobst set the production sedan lap record around Laguna Seca in a preproduction Project 8. This time out, Pobst’s got a healthier, full-production 2019 spec car and he should go quicker. Bad news for Jaguar, AMG built an even more powerful (and expensive) four-door sports car, the 2019 GT 63 S. Which super sedan will turn the quickest lap? Watch and find out! #BestDriversCar #Jaguar #MercedesAMG

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David Knell says:

Wish they were back on Netflix

keandagod says:

Wait so they did two runs with the amg in order for it to beat the jag 🤔.. changed tires and all.. gtfoh they couldn't have the jag beating the Benz

domYe says:

Together they sound like a Chiron

MrMackanno says:

I love my Jag XE, it hugs the corners in an amazing way.

mrcapello says:

and now imagine the rumored hybrid gt73 will do

Nishit Singh Birman says:

Say what you want to say but the Jag looks like a Jag and the Merc looks like a fish

Pedro Aguiar says:

I knew the AMG was gonna win. It looks great.

NJ W says:

The AMG is the fastest 4-door four seater sedan on the nurburgring in the Jaguar is just the fastest 4-door sedan because it doesn't have any rear seats when he did the nurburgring lap time

android 95203 says:

No matter how hard Mercedes tries and no matter how much better of a car it is it will never look better than jag

289pinto says:

Love the jag styling

Danny D.__.D says:

faster than an lfa, but not a lfa nürburgring edition, and it’s 7 yrs old

Jackson Frost says:


HunterFTW says:

I think the Mercedes looks way cooler. In soooooorry. I just don’t like the jaguar grill

Kayode Modupe-Ojo says:

Project 8. All day

llGTRll says:

This is the content i need 🙂

Stevie Lowe says:

I'd still take the Jag 😍

[xzođıʌ] says:

F-Type-SVR lost to a Benzo Bus in the name of E63.

This is obvious

kapil koka says:

If the merc is at it’s highest spec then get the jag with its highest spec! I want to see that !

sprinter1313 says:

Hee Onkel "Rennfahrer" der Mercedes hat Allrad, da kannst du schon in der Kurve gasgeben !!!!Geh besser ins Altersheim .

Badboy86 says:

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?(Janis Joplin)

Always Benz! ✅❤️

Ochion Aarons says:

The GT63s beat the gtr, the Lamborghini URUS and bentley ContinentalGT and about 12 other super cars in another video 😍

Ochion Aarons says:

Mercedes is king boy merc fans where yah at 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Brook Meade says:

Why do I get the feeling motor trend really doesn't like the AMG for some reason? Runs a better lap time, set track record. Focus on the Jag and pull it to the front like it won.

Also worth noting that the Jag at the nurburging was modified and had it's rear seats removed to save weight. So it was a two seater rather than a four seater. GT63S has the record for 4 door 4 seater.

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