Jenson & Lewis meet up with a hero of the past: Ayrton Senna's legendary MP4-4

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Our two F1 World Champions, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton make a surprise visit to the world’s greatest garage containing McLaren’s F1 cars of the past. Amongst the hundreds of historic cars, they are stopped in their tracks by Ayrton Senna’s legendary ’88 car, the MP4-4.


Hello Jamesy says:

McLaren need to make this into a museum. There would be millions of people open to visit. Open it in Woking. Abit like Mercedes world. That would be amazing. To have them sitting there like that is a waste.

Tilent Gamer says:

Me when playing f1 2012
Rosberg and Jenson as teammate when
Also both of them
Didnt race anymore in 2017 till now

Adrian Osler says:

most of these are on the mtc boulevard

Patrick BATEMAN says:

Ayrton senna always with us 💓💓💓👍🌍🌍thanks for all!!

ab8jeh says:

9 years ago. Seems like I watched this for the first time yesterday. Absolutely nuts.

Gcal1956 says:

F1 should do some bingo type race.
A drawing to decide what years cars will be raced. A week before race day.
Draw 5 years.
Every team gets 5 different years of cars ready. For a week.
Then on race day they do a drawing and they draw one year and everyone has to race that year model car. “Ready or not today we race cars from 1995!”

Imagine today’s drivers in cars from 2005 or 1998 with today’s tires and today’s tuning tricks.
That would spice things up big time.

Today’s drivers wouldn’t be able to drive them the same as the original drivers.

It would be a circus for sure.

rpurdey says:

So who's seats are in these cars?

Victor F. says:

Ayrton Senna the best F1 Pilot ever.
McLaren, please a museum and a documentary/ film about the pilots that drove your amazing cars.

El Fish Knows says:

Wait how does Lewis have less hair 9 years ago than he has now? 🤔

TheRebelOne says:

So this hangar is in Berkshire, England. Grid reference is 00.000 ° North and 00.000° East….!! 🤔😁

Gordon Whaley says:

Just how many are wrapped up like this ?

Watches&Cars says:

LH first human to go bald and grow back his hair " naturally"

billbo baggins says:

The man the myth! Senna!
Amazing man behind the wheel of a car!

Damien Oleary says:

The golden years the wonder years.

Damien Oleary says:

Value of whats in that storage unit would be enough to buy your own F1 team .

Daniel van Oers says:

Wish i could own one those, the 13 especcialy❤️

keefie80 says:

If Only Ayrton was here to look back and share his thoughts with the guys…..😢

Siddun Khwaja says:

They suddenly changed to two young boys looking at the toy they always wanted but never got.

agalleyne says:

What delight, both to get a brief behind the scenes view of that warehouse, also to be a fly on the wall and watch two recently minted F1 world champions openly gush like any fanboy would. Magic.

Kajkanit Sakdisubha says:

Lewis pre diva era

Nicholas Spinicelli says:

I feel like those historic relics are wasting away there. I wonder if they go through and keep them maintained with fresh fluids and run the engines a little? Followed by a quick oil spray-down?

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