Koenigsegg Agera RS | 457 km/h | Record Top Speed | Bugatti Killer | 2017

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rkjer says:

Sounds like a 4 stroke 1 cylinder Chinese dirt bike lol

rkjer says:

Just when you think it鈥檚 to the floor.. you see it go from 180-230 faster than most cars can get to 60 mph lol

Jonathan Neuman says:

Good thing there are no moose in the desert, imagine hitting one in 457kph馃檲

Miralva Bahia says:

Qualquer deforma莽茫o na pista a essa velocidade 茅 game over!!!!!

Mohit Chauhan says:

Gear shift at 370 馃槀

袦袝小小袠携 袪袨袠小小袠 says:

The sound is so ugly.

never giveup says:

If he did 500 km/h he would fly to moon

Marcelo Rosa Peres says:

i love this

Colin says:

Chiron gaat 500 kmph

Anur Simple says:


Jonas Hedenberg says:

thats how sweden makes car

Balls of Spartans says:

Will this beat an e46 m3?

basti2002xxx says:

10 seconds from 300 to 400馃

Joe Chiodi says:

That鈥檚 incredible…

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