Koenigsegg CCX 211mph onboard: VMax 200 Bruntingthorpe | evo EXTRA

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Watch a Koenigsegg CCX hit 211mph and a Lamborghini Aventador hit a verified 204mph down the two-mile runway at a recent VMax 200 event in Bruntingthorpe.

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Sam Broadbent says:

Love it how Bruntingthorpe is local to me 🔥

Ruairi Mccarthy says:

its mad to think here we are nearly 30 YEARS LATER after the mighty Ferrari F40  HIT the magical 200mph  AUTOCAR did 204 MPH in 1987 in the F40      have things really progressed   ?   its all safety and MPG these days

Gera Sánchez says:

1:19 wtf my dad is talkin about

Huuko Lakkarainen says:

Koenigsegg 💪😂😂

magisterartium says:

240mph baby!

Lukasz says:

Anyone knows what the outro music is ?

Sergio Montelongo says:

holy sound!! i'm pretty sure he had another gear left, but didn't engage it because that would have slowed him down i'm i right??

Subodh Ranjan says:

Why are some Lambos and McLarens covering their fendors with tape….?
Is it to prevent any scratches ….?

M3Conv says:

How many times better does the Aventador sound compared to the CCR?

I would guess around 7 times as good

M3Conv says:

Is that the same  oliver webb who drive the BAC mono on the vid with the P1?

M3Conv says:

I wonder how many pence Bruntinthorpe's track maintenance budget is?#

It looks like the tarmac was laid by pikeys 🙂

3rd Gen Guy says:

Bring the Venom GT and break all the records.
the venom ran 204 mph in a 1/2 mile.
and 270mph in 2.3 miles

jamie jacques says:

my scooter (86cc) will beat any of these to 100k but the true thrill is top speed- the closet ill ever come to there speeds is a plane taking of on a runway to go on vacation.

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