Koenigsegg CCX Aston Martin 007 – Fast Lane Daily – 12Dec07

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Aston Martin gets a horsepower injection, the first Koenigsegg is purchased in America, and someone keeps leaking secrets at Ferrari. Hosted by Derek DeAngelis.

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Cody Johnson says:

I'm tired of looking at this guy's weird zit on his face..

BelfastCol69 says:


ScrewFearMe says:

yeah the top model is probably 950k the lesser one i dont know how much they cost but damn its a nice car ^^

0thingthing0 says:

how about no

lTheStigl says:

no you don't

Daniel Pessoa says:

Nah! Pierce Brosnan is definetely Double Oh seven!

klrvette9 says:

you're a fucking dumbass.

Darkelement101 says:

fuck vantage….. vanquish is way better

Brendan Scanlon says:

vantage is ok but the db9 is like woah!

JuergenGDB says:

And what the fuck does Belgians do besides sit on their ass, in their Socialist liberal cuntry.


koeniggseeg ccx should have a low spoiler standard and the new ccxr model

Darkelement101 says:

fuck the vantage VANQUISH is better!

Rich ard says:

Well they kind of did for the noble, two ford engines welded together I think your find

TooTurbo says:

the jaguar got the looks from the astons dumbass

Greg Laguna says:

Is that Aston Martin RS using the 6.0L V-12,
the one that is two Ford Taurus 3.0L V-6's ??
What total JUNK!!!! It still looks like a Jaguar.

irrelavent83 says:

who gives a shit?

Ville N says:

That's one of the best looking ferrari ever!

beenie says:

lol..just wanted to see ur guy's reactions. u think I'm that stupid? I don't know wtf stage III is. w/e man. I just wanna get a hennessey Viper nothing more nothing less. My 335i is good enough for now. I dont want more speed for now. Imma kill myself. btw check out my films. I'm a student filmmaker. Sorry about the stupid comment. lol I was just playing

beenie says:

rofl..chill.I just wanted to see how many comments I'd get. wtf I dont have an evo chill….I hate that car. It breaks down easily. piece of crap. I'd go for luxury like the 335i. =].

beenie says:

My Evo will kill em anytime. 790rwhp. Stage III Turbo
custom modded to rear wheel drive (400 lbs off)
0-60 3.6

TheOfficialKC says:

The Aston Martin V12 Vantage RS is the lightest and most powerful Aston available. Why couldn't they have done that with the DBS? The DBS looks better. That would be one sweet ride.

la557 says:

enzo ferrari is not the Ferrari F60(the official internal nomenclature is actually F131).

Antonio Paloma says:

astons are so cool and fantastic cars
Ferraris are cool as well,
would love to have all of them in my garage lol

ploD1 says:

O yeah this is what i call super cars:))) great video:)

dryan2 says:

DEREK D won the jingiling balls.lol

jonokiller says:

should have Dd rubbing his cobalt. saying i love you..

Rainier Torres says:

dame a tu mai!

Dank McDankerton says:

I prefer the Hamann Tuned Ferrari 599

supajb says:

haha i always skip them.

RedEm1 says:

lol i think the same thing

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